28 February, 2006

addicted to the internet

Odes to my Online escapades:

Refresh my hotmail--
Does anybody love me?
Send me email now.

New Forum junkie.
Will IT speak of technique?
Off topic: discuss.

Tytania Strange
Sums up world literature
with exquisite wit.

N Y Times dot com
The sunday wedding section
and headlines of course.

Really, though.
I have a problem.
I arrive home and no matter how badly I have to pee, put my books and bags down, take my coat off, I'm immediately drawn to this glittering white 12 inch rectangle that has been idle all day. I MUST move my fingers over one of the keys to release it from it's "sleep" mode, and I must open my email, check nfcs, read the NYtimes headlines before anything else can be done.

I could easily sit in my chair and find things to do online for the rest of my life. Case and point tonight, where I did not stop doing something that had to do with online from about 6pm to NOW- 1:01 AM. Besides the Times, the email, the nfcs, the blogs that I read, there are also more important things like, googling "coloratura soprano" and seeing how many pages it takes until I see my name. Also things like going to operaamerica and reading all of the bios of all of the coloratura sopranos that are on the managed lists from Aeolian to Neil Funkhouser Managment (that's A-N- the rest of the alphabet is for tomorrow). Yes, there are productive things like putting together the report for my current YAP about "change", how to welcome it to our door, and how to really make this place A-number-one.

There are also productive things that I have not so much done- like memorizing that LAST Strauss song that I have to memorize. Please please please can it magically be in my head tomorrow before rep.class? Please?
I don't think so.
Especially because it's Amor, and even though I have deluded myself into believing that I know all the notes, I am pretty sure I have no idea where the words actually are sung in that soup of trills and roulades. (The soup is tasty, I'm just not doing my hw right now).

Oh, internet. how did I live with dial-up last year? HOW?
I know I was online just as much. It just took more time to see things and read things.

Wireless is the best invention ever and it better be free for the whole world soon.



Gregory said...

i peed a little over your haiku!

From one addict to another,


me said...

All hail the first comment on this blog. I bow down to its almighty power. Does that mean I should now censor myself? Rethink things before I type them? Will I too go back and delete stuff once things get out of hand? Will this "for my eyes only" blog become fodder in the blog kingdom?
As Genie so eloquently stated when he tricked Jafar into wishing to be a Genie "Phenomenal cosmic power...eeeety bitty living space".

Read on,
I'm here to amuse...it just happened to be myself mostly until now.