30 December, 2008

lil' resolutions

I know it's not New Year's eve yet, but it's that time of year, when I get to think for a SECOND time about things that I want to change in the new year.
First I get it every Tishrei (usually September or October) and now again on the First.

It's easy to say you want to change things, and quite a bit harder to follow through. So why don't I start with the really little things that I think I can do--

1. Try to write...for FIVE minutes a day...about anything. Every. Day. (This of course requires going to Barnes and Noble and picking out a cool notebook to do said writing in). This is something I began last year around New Years as well. And I have the month or so that I was doing it to prove it..however last year I was trying to do artist pages...and that's more than 5 minutes. That's a minimum of 3 pages. Too long. Too messy (handwriting, that is). How about 5 minutes. Anything. My dream. What I'm going to do that day. A haiku so at least my brain tries to work a little more in the morning.

2. EVEN though I'm a devoted iLifer, REALLY try to limit my online checking of the mail, the facebook, the other mail, the nfcs, and the other time-sucking websites that I visit per day. This includes pressing the pretty button on the iphone that forwards my mail to me. And it also includes playing WordWarp on my iphone.

3. As prescribed by seemingly everyone these days: 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week. At least.

Those are three things that I can do! And one only takes 5 minutes ,and the other actually gives me MORE time in the day--to make time for the third.

Now to the longer term.
Doesn't it seem like whenever you are about to get busy with work and life that you want to do EVERYTHING else that's coming up as well?
Of course I'm about to leave for a gig which means daily rehearsals, one day off, 6 weeks of work, new opera, new character, new colleagues, new thoughts..and what do I want to do?
Open Next-score, summer-score1 and summer-score2, NEXT YEAR-score, and learn them ALL right now!
And added to that, revamp my consulting website so that next time I live in NYC I get to do it on my OWN terms.

Ok, I'll have to think of a long term list, but for now, I'll get to number 2- using the computer for time-sucking-activities less.

27 December, 2008


I'm surrounded by most everything I've worn or used in the past 6 months.
Jackets in one bag. Shoes in another. Summer clothes in the suitcase.
Scores- always a question of whether I'll be productive backstage or not (more often than not, I'm NOT) and learn something new.

I always try to do a full checked bag and a carry on.
I think I'll succeed again this time (I'm planning on it, even though move-out day is tomorrow and everything is still in piles all around me).

24 December, 2008

merry xmas!

Time to gather with family, break out the stocking and Xmas ham...oh wait.
Just kidding.
I'll be eating chinese food for the next 3 meals and watching movies all night tonight and all day tomorrow.
That's how my people roll.
But not on Shabbos.

22 December, 2008


I can't believe I'm packing up my nyc apt.!
I didn't bring much in the first place because I knew I'd only be here for just under 6 months.
But somehow I've amassed 5 more pairs of shoes/boots, anywhere between 10-20 new outfits from either the stores right outside my door that are just too cute to pass up (on sale of course), or when desperate times called for desperate measures- Strawberries and Century 21. OH yea.
More funky jewelry from the craft fairs and flea markets on saturdays and sundays, more music and photocopies of arias lying around for each time that I thought- I swear I have that aria, scoured the piles of paper, didn't find it, and had to go to NYPAL to make another photocopy of it..only to find it...in some binder where it definitely shouldn't be.

So what am I aiming for again?
Same as always.
One checked piece, one carry-on. And I'll have to take a garment bag this time because apparently the two opening night parties (2 locations) are black tie. Can we say junior year prom dress? It has served me SO well: Jr. Year, Recital, Philharmonic debut, and many many more events--where- HEY- it's NEW to YOU!

For now, I'm trying to sort through my summer clothes and remember which ones I like, which ones I still own but haven't worn in at least two summers (and avoid packing those EVEN though I'll try to convince myself that THIS time I'll wear them), and at the same time, leave out enough winter clothes to get through the next 10 days!!!

20 December, 2008

good news

Can it please come in threes?

No more comment on that.

Today was the BEST snow day in NYC!
I got to wear my white puffy snow boots that match my white puffy coat (something I've been waiting for the entire winter so far), I had a lovely lunch with friends, walked around the city in the cold and snow and sloshed through puddles, and saw a great movie with another friend tonight.

All in all, a much better way to spend Friday than AT WORK! And now I have 12 more days to enjoy the city and all of its wonders before New Years and next-job!

17 December, 2008

kind of done! (kinda)

Last audition of the FALL season went really well...I say fall because I'm already being scheduled for possible audition in January, and well, that would be winter, now wouldn't it.
Oh- so maybe last audition of 2008?

The breakdown:
(Since Aug.15)
Total: 22
16: Mainstage
The rest (I don't do math unless absolutely necessary): Young Artist of SOME sort

I'm not going to do the 07-08 and 08-09 comparison right now, but all in all, I think it was a good season of singing for me--considering that MANY singers did not get MANY mainstage auditions.

I think there are 3-5 companies, MAYBE, that I knew were in town that I wasn't singing for- either because of repertoire or just plain because.

What do I think?
Honesty now. It's the best policy.
21 out of 22 auditions I was extremely extremely satisfied/happy/excited with my performance.
1 (due to illness, that I should have canceled), I was extremely NOT satisfied with my performance.

My stats for starting aria: Mostly Durch, Sometimes Chacun, Once Zerbinetta, Once Fee, and overwhelmingly the 2nd piece choice was:
Young artist programs chose Rossini
Mainstage chose anything that was relevant in their upcoming season (English/Britten--no Glitter not even ONCE) :(

What do I do now?
Try not to think about it.
Wait some more.
Try NOT to email to ask questions about my status.
Wait some more.
When I hear, I'll hear. And in the meantime, I will think patiently about the fact that my 'job' is finished, and now it is someone else's 'job' to push for me, sell the goods, and remind those nice people after their Christmas and New Year's break how much they loved me at my audition...and how since I'm still young they can get a GREAT deal on me! hahaha.

Will Sing For Chocolate. Yummm!

Oh yea, still haven't written that economic crisis/singing business entry yet.
It's coming. Really.

13 December, 2008

home stretch

It's been a long few weeks of auditions--a great few weeks of auditions-- but long.
Sooner or later I'll post my little tally of who/what/etc. and compare to last year and do a little PIE chart. mmm, pie.

One more audition today, one more audition next week.
Maybe some other last minute ones if they come up? But right now my email inbox reflects only two red exclamation marks--which means two upcoming auditions.

Everything so far, in terms of mainstage auditions for future seasons, I would have to say has gone exceedingly well.

I have this last week and a half not to get re-sick with anything still going around.

I can't believe that in 18 days I'll be flying off to start the next show!

Hurray for work that is musical!
Hurray for meeting new cast and crew and opera peeps!
Hurray for WARM weather!

08 December, 2008

it's been so. long.

Ok, it's not even funny how long it's been since my last visit to the gym.
First the busted ankle, then two weeks of starting to train again, then two weeks of being too sick to get out of bed, then Thanksgiving, then auditions all last week, and now- it's Monday.

Re-motivating for the gym is the WORST!
For example:
1. IF I get my clothes on in 15 minutes, I could watch Oprah OR Law and Order at 4pm at the gym.
Yet, here I sit, checking my email, facebook, and watching the CURRENT episode of Law and Order (which I happen to not have seen---or, not remember seeing)...and the minutes inch towards 4pm. 14 left now.

2. Of course, the gym is 4 blocks and one avenue away.
And do you KNOW how cold it is outside?
How cold it will be for that entire 5 minute power-walk to central park west?
It was sooooo coooooold when I got home an hour ago. I couldn't even talk on my phone because my hands got too cold.
Who wants to go out in the cold? again?

3. I just ate some vegetables and rice. Am I going to feel bad at the gym if I go?
Should I have some protein? I ran out of emergen-C..and I need some flavored water for the gym.

4. My ankle is still kind of acting up.

So many excuses. So little time.
12 minutes to go.

decisions, decisions.

06 December, 2008


Had a lesson yesterday where once again, through some concentration on another part of the body---back, shoulders, ribs, core, etc., I achieved the 'stereo' sound of up and back versus the 'mono' sound of out and over.
Out and over works fine and sounds fine, but is produced with less support and more muscling in the larynx.
Up and back ..well...it sounds like NOTHING to me, but on the recording, it sounds pretty awesome.

I sang through two pieces yesterday that are not part of my 'normal' audition repertoire--although they've been in my repertoire for a very, very, long time.

Deh Vieni and Caro Nome.
Why not sing some low Italian every once in a while?

And they both felt and sounded like they never have before.

Let's do that again!

03 December, 2008

i love it when

they ask for all of Zerbinetta for my 2nd piece.