13 February, 2006

12 Dec, God I hope I get it

12 December 2005 @ 12:12 am
God I hope I get it
Well, I got it.
I'm in "somewhere". I don't have to worry about not having anything to do next year (although I didn't have to worry anyway, as I would probably have stayed here half the year, sung another leading role, supplemented my income with tutoring or teaching, and been just fine--except for that 5 hours away from culture bit).

I am in. It's far. It's very far- plane ride far. Not too expensive, but definitely not driving range to anywhere.
It could be great. It could be a new year, two new years, of great repertoire, great covering opportunities, great new people to work with.

It's in the "top" section of young artist programs. It's not the top 3 or 4, but definitely in the top 10. I don't know what that means, because how are these things really ranked?
Money? Singing opportunities? How famous the opera company is?

For me what is important is: good coaching, good roles that I COVER and SING. Good contacts. Possibility of being hired for leads with them in the future.

They seem to think I can do it. They called on the phone while I was buying winter boots at BASS. (I got the warm ones, not the trendy ones--for the occasion of next year possibly).
They asked me to hold off on saying yes to anyone else.
I hope I sounded excited. Was I? Did they get that I was excited while standing in the middle of a 40 percent off sale in Bass at the Tilton outlets?

I told them they were also my number one choice. But I was honest. I also told them that the only thing I was waiting on was "prestigious school training program" that is not really in competition with a young artist program per se, it's just another route to be taken possibly.

I also got a no from big southern warm residency company- although I got the "I really wanted you to make the finals, but after our round table discussion the other directors decided that we could not hear you this year" letter. So I feel good about it, because I know I had a good audition, and somewhere out there, this lady liked me and wanted me to advance to the final round.
Maybe I'll write her a thank you note.


I haven't heard from summer programs yet. Chautauqua and Lake George were the ones I felt best about in my auditions (since they actually talked to me)--LG asked me to sing MONICA today. Ha. I have had that in my binder since last february, have NOT looked at it, and make up some pretty awesome words in English while the "I love your laughter, I love your hair" part was going on. They smiled, helped me along, and at the end it was good. I know. Hey, THEY asked for it, I told them the words may be iffy, and they still said let's do it..so hopefully they'll have a sense of humor about it, and realize that I was trying to do well by them, since they were "casting" The Medium. WHEN? I'd like to know!? Not this summer- that's for sure.

I have been on a bus for over 30 hours in the past 3 days.
Must sleep.
Jury is tomorrow.
So are 2 final exams that I have to TA.
So is final coaching with important possibly future coach if I attend future school.
Flute rehearsals start this week.
My Queen's dialogue is nonexistant, and my First Spirit is not even close to being memorized.

oh well----geeeeee (I'm tired)

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