13 February, 2006

22 Dec. Holidays and the Baroque Cash Cow

22 December 2005 @ 06:01 pm
Holidays and the Baroque cash-cow
I should really really really learn the Messiah. I should also learn the soprano solos for all of the major Requiems.
I say this every year around this time.
It's not that I've never heard them or don't "know" them (or couldn't get by the first time by sightreading them), but I don't sing them or make them an important part of my repertoire.

I could make so many more contacts and perhaps so much more money during this season (which just drained my checking account by 1200 dollars over the past month for audition fees and expenses) if I just auditioned for soloist positions. Just in the past 2 weeks I could have done Messiahs all over the Souther Tier, and even before that, we had a Brahms and Mozart Requiem, Passion and Requiem in the area for the past semester.

The one soloist gig that I did have this year was great money, good contact, and actually some fun too. Only 3 rehearsals before the big night, a very happy audience and conductor and head of the Symphony. And 250 for that isn't that bad. (especially not bad is the fact that I literally had fewer than 8 measures of music in the first piece, and 2 pages in the second piece).

It's not even Baroque. It's everyone's symphonies, requiems and passions. I even have the sheet music, but for some reason, no time or effort has gone into learning them and making them performance ready, so that when called upon (like I was last year- although I WAS legitimately busy with auditions) I could say, Yes I can come into town for a Messiah.

Goal for next year. Note to self.

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