13 February, 2006

7 Jan. Serving Sizes

07 January 2006 @ 10:54 pm
whaaaa? Serving Sizes
I bought a bag of lovely soy crisps today. You know, try to be healthy for the new year.
There are supposed to be THREE serving sizes in the bag? (reading this while finishing the second to last chip). MMkay.
Oh well. At least they're soy crisps and not doritos in some huge sized bag (that I would eat most of anyway).

I have a love hate relationship with late night eating. It feels and tastes so gooood! There is no reason for me to eat except out of boredom, but also the fact that it tastes gooooood! I'm kind of hungry at night, probably because I don't eat well enough or enough during the day. Well, this is not usual behavior.
Usually I will just have some fruit at night and be done with it. Or water. Yuck.
Have I mentioned how much I despised drinking water? I know that drinking 8 glasses of OJ a day is even worse, so I feel like I'm in kind of a perpetual state of dehydration. Last year I was obsessed with the crystal light powder packets that flavored the water. I had a red tongue from the raspberry one all the time. But they also have some dehydrating qualities, not to mention the fake sugar that can't be that great for you.

See? During this whole post I managed not to eat a soy crisp. As soon as I press preview and post I will finish the bag.


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