13 February, 2006

3Jan. Third day of new year and already...

03 January 2006 @ 12:12 pm
third day of the new year and already...
I have already not done anything to move my butt in the past 2 days.
I have also happily eaten cheese and seedless rye bread sandwiches for more meals out of the day than I wish to discuss openly. Also, chocolate.
I did come home last night after rehearsal at 10pm and watch tv instead of blowing up my balance ball and sitting on it.
I did wake up at 10am today (it's now 12) and do nothing but sit on this cozy chair at my computer doing work, calling to pay bills and change addresses and the like, oh, yea, and watching tv.

I DID do a private/mass email of happy new year yesterday which was actually quite painless. I got responses and replied personally which to me may end up being better than just sending a card and hoping they get it and remember me. So the email was the same for MOST everyone, but I plugged in the name and had a line or two of personal info. if it was relevant, and I think that worked out quite well.

I may even dig up my older contacts from previous programs and do the same. But I would have to do it today because then it's a bit past New Year's wishes!

The one thing I did decide on (well, not decide on, but was given a suggestion for) is to learn Ophelia's Lieder by Strauss for my recital. I want to do a kind of "youth" theme. It doesn't have to be all daisies and love, it doesn't have to be lullabyes, and so I think a set sung BY a child who doesn't understand love and is very distraught may be quite appropriate! Now I have three sets that are 100% IN, and still looking for two more languages, online music and more suggestions.
I wish I liked the requirements of this recital more.
But I don't. And I don't like when my date is (SOON), and I don't like that I'll be doing this last minute because I'll be coming off of a show right before it.

Oh, I did do something else musical last night. I made a photocopy of most of the score to Suor Angelica to start takinga look at what my part is. I'll also get Gianni Schicchi today, and with the Ophelia, I think I'll have a lot to look at and learn in my days o' rehearsal boredom and semester-that-hasn't-begun-yet blues.


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