13 February, 2006


04 December 2005 @ 08:24 pm
one weekend down
I survived the first weekend of NYC auditions.
Friday morning the new crazy piece went well, and WAS asked for despite there being 12 board/bored members in the room who were obviously in NYC to visit from their frosty homes in the mid-west and to check up on the opera company and where all of their money was going.
Audition number two on friday was a little more low energy for me. I went back to the apartment and took a nap and was just tired and kind of over everything for that day. I sang just fine, but they didn't seem too enthusiastic, well definitely not as much as that morning.

Saturday I was asked to sing Queen which was not on my repertoire list and I said it was their "lucky day" which got a little chuckle. Then I sang for company number two and got a nice reception, including some talk from a manager. Who do these people think they are, really?
I mean, it was kind of like Jerry Maguire...I can get you this this and that. Where do you want to be singing this summer? I can call him. You should do this.
At least it was some honest feedback I suppose.
He took my resume and headshot and asked for a cd. He also told me to get out of where I am now, not go to any regional training programs, and just get to NYC and start working.

Well, it was a compliment that he liked what I had to offer. He said I have the "look", the voice (well, pay less attention to the top notes that are easy and sell the low notes that you don't care about- a VALID comment), and the drive (he thought--yea, after 5 minutes) to do something and "make it"...otherwise knows as making him money.

In other news, I saw Romeo and Juliette with Vargas and Dessay on Thursday night. It was a bit life changing. She is tiny, young, radiant, 14, sweet, saucy, and that's just her acting. Her voice was spectacular. Not for one note was there no meaning. I mean, every single rest, breathe, note, word, vowel, had a meaning. I wish I could be that comfortable in a role to be able to give that much to it and absolutely mesmerize an audience.
I was under her spell. She never once broke. Not an inch. Everything she did was deliberate. Every note she sang was sheer silver.

It was beautiful.

It gave my own look at Juliette some new life. Even though I know her voice is much "heavier" than mine and she does things that are not necessarily so light, the way she sang was youthful and I think I could do that to without pushing. I think. I hope. I want.

------------g-------------(not so high,although for singing it 5 times this weekend it was pretty on!)

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