13 February, 2006

31 Jan. Popular

31 January 2006 @ 11:57 pm
Of the 20 most performed operas in the US, what roles do I sing in them and do I know them?
Let's see....
1. Madama Butterfly
2. La bohème-Maybe If I learned Quando M'en Vo one day when I had time to be a generic soprano
3. La traviata
4. Carmen
5. The Barber of Seville- Rosina IF they cast a soprano
6. The Marriage of Figaro- Susanna if I knew it all and Barbarina (have 2 upcoming)
7. Don Giovanni- Zerlina if I learned it
8. Tosca
9. Rigoletto- Gilda if I felt like being more lyric and learned it
10. The Magic Flute- Queeeeen. And First spirit. Yea!
11. La Cenerentola- Clorinda if I learned it
12. Turandot
13. Lucia di Lammermoor- Lucia :) done and done.
14. Pagliacci
15. Cosî fan tutte- Despina- only know one scene
16. Aida
17. Il trovatore
18. Faust
19. Die Fledermaus- Adele if I bothered to be a soubrette
20. The Elixir of Love- Adina if I knew more than the aria and one duet

Oooh, Ok then. Most of my rep is absolutely NOT on there..but interesting to see anyway.
There is no role on there that really feels vocally where I am now. Even Queen and Lucia although I've done them I'd say- not quite yet again.
Susanna, Zerlina, Adina and Despina- ok, if I have time and look cute and want to be a soubrette then yes, I should learn those.
Gilda, Rosina and Musetta- again, not really my style, but generally more lyric than coloratura-ish..still possible to do for me if someone felt like hiring me for it one day.

So really, nothing that's immediately coloratura that I love like Lakme, Doll, Cunegonde, Zerbinetta (ha- like that would be among the top 20).

Interesting. Maybe I'll find a similar list about Europe or world houses and see whether that changes anything.



barettone said...

This is silly. I know this is an old post. But after reading things from you for awhile I'm curious...

Carmen- You wouldn't sing Michaela?
La Traviata- Violetta?
Faust- Marguerite?

I know you know your voice better than anyone else, and I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm just an onlooker that's curious.

me said...

A big ole' resounding Nope to all of those roles! I'd categorize them all anywhere from full lyric with extension (michaela and marguerite) to lyric coloratura (Violetta which I do not want to sing..anytime in the next 10 years) :)
Also depends on the country that is casting the show. In America- definitely no.