13 February, 2006


18 November 2005 @ 06:03 pm
NY state/NY city
It's this time of year (especially this year) when I wish I lived just a tad closer to NYC.
Even from Boston in undergrad it didn't seem this bad (although, I only had 2 weekends of auditions then).
Now I have, 14? The weekend where I have 2 per day is the BEST! It's the singletons that are the toughest. Having to figure out whether to drive, take the 3.5 hour bus, wait around for the callback voicemail login, which will probably be a no- in which case I'll be spending yet another night in the city...it's overwhelming right now.

I am thankful thankful thankful for these auditions. I hope something comes of them for next year and this summer.

I am not so sure about how thankful the car will be after 4 or 5 more round trips to NYC, city driving, parking, paying, and hoping that nothing happens to it.

It's also tiring doing all of the back and forth. But equally as straining to stay with friends in their bed or on their couch. They chat all the time, think I can go out and have fun, when all I'd really like to do is sit in quiet, nap, read, and relax the day before the auditions.

I wish I were rich enough to be able to get a hotel or stay at someone's EMPTY place.

Must repeat: I love the auditioning. I love the singing. The technicalities of getting to the city will not stop me from doing my best best best.

----high g----

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