13 February, 2006

10 Jan. Head to Knee

10 January 2006 @ 01:04 pm
head to knee
Yesterday I had my fourth ballet class. We do an hour an a half that includes bar work (it's probaly barre to be French, but I'm going to write bar, because I've never had ballet before and don't really know which one it is!), stretching, floor work, and then learning a combination.

Seriously, I never thought I'd be this flexible again. After four classes and a week and a half of very sore muscles in regions that had not been exercized since my forays into gymnastics and iceskating as a wee one (well, through middle school- then only basketball was cool in highschool), I can now officially bring my head down to touch my knee when I'm in an open straddle position. This had not previously happened since the Middle School V-Sit Reach test for the Presidential award in Gym class.

My goal is just to learn as much as I can, as I've never taken a real ballet class before. It's also to increase my flexibility and maybe one day be able to do a split again (I know, that's mostly the gymnastics days of yore talking, and to know that this is helping me already in ways that I don't know yet- maybe next time I walk out on stage there will be an element of grace that I don't have to worry about, because I got it from the hour of Pliees and Tendues at the "bar".

I also signed up for a (ok, I lied there, today I'm GOING to sign up for a) "flow" yoga class. There is some fancy name that's attached to this that I don't remember right now. But- local community college, really cheap class, once a week for an hour and a half.

This isn't all New year's Resolution inspired (because I have STILL not gone to the gym to replace my lost ID card, and still don't plan on going to "work out" for a good while), but I have always wanted to do these things, never had time, and doing Queen right now means I barely have to be called to rehearsals, and I have the time. So that's what I'm doing.

Now that's it's 1:15 and I still haven't gotten out of my PJ's or my apt. yet today, I think it's time to go learn some recital music or at least warm up before my coaching later today.

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