13 February, 2006

1Jan. Happy New Year and Some Resolutions

01 January 2006 @ 03:14 pm
Happy New Year and some resolutions
After a very relaxing break in the US and the UK it's time once again to head back to rehearsals, final semester of classes, and general overdrive during this performance/recital/graduation infused period.

I suppose I should learn music in the order that I have to sing it-
ie Flute (dialogue!) and fairy music, Recital music (still yet to be chosen, ordered and learned), music for this summer which I'll be assigned soon, music for NEXT YEAR which I know, but includes a whole role that will be a very very good challenge for me.

Instead, what I really want to do is learn that role (for next March), forget about the recital, hope that somehow, magically, the Flute dialogue enters my being through osmosis and spits itself out onstage.

What I also need to do a lot is write New Years/I'm still alive and look at what I'm doing cards to "contacts". This is called "networking". Some singers don't have any idea that you need to do it. Some know you need to do it, but do it very strongly and that's just weird.
I think a nice happy new year oh by the way I'm doing this and that and I hope that all is well card is a great way to stay in touch that's a little more personal than the mass email of my show dates or my future plans.

Now, tell me- is sending out mass emails really that bad? I have "groups", and they can never see who I'm sending it to- it's all BCCd. For the singers, they get more mass emails than directors/conductors/coaches. They get the "what's up I figured i'd try to keep in touch" emails, the "hasn't it been such a long time since we all sang together at bla bla bla summer program" emails.
The directors get short and sweet "you're cordially invited to xyz peformance, I hope you're doing well and please stay in touch" emails.
I don't think it's brash or too up front or too suck-up-ish. It's a way to stay "in contact" without having to write a personal email to OVER a hundred people, who will then mostly all write me back, who I will have to respond to as well.
I don't know.
Maybe I SHOULD write a personal email that's a "standard" email and then just plug in the names of the people.
Maybe I'll try that this year.
Unless I buy new year's cards TODAY and write 30-40 by TOMORROW and send them out in time!

Maybe I'll just go back to eating my cape cod potato chips, sitting here in front of the nice fire in my last day of freedom before rehearsal begins tomorrow and I make the trek back to my frozen wilderness.

OH yea, I said I'd write some resolutions.
Well, I don't really believe in "resolutions", but I do think that whenever I have a break OR I'm very very stressed to the point where I can't concentrate on anything and end up thinking about my future life plans, I tend to plan things better, think things through and constructively criticize my life as it is.

So, I'm going to start going to the gym again, since my membership is paid through August and I went only from August to October of this year (then the show and COLD got in the way).
I'm going to seek out a yoga class at the community college.
I'm going to hope to join a dance class...hmm, this is all body/movement themed, but if anything, I really would like to do that both for myself and my career.
I think I'd be good at movement, I've just never really had to be coordinated into a dance (besides the musical theater grapevine or some basic thing like that) before.
Those are the physical things- really hoping do do some body work three times a week at least.

The menta/emotional things:
Maybe take more time to write down my thoughts here. Write more about what this supposed "career" that I'm chasing and striving for takes, takes out of me, and takes me going after.
Try to make this last semester apart when we are only 5 hours apart a little easier if that's even possible. Next year it will be a plane ride apart, so if we can make this work we can work through anything. Yuck, I sound like Dr. whoever on Tv that tries to solve marital problems.
This means communicating. Not recounting the day. Not thinking that it's enough to make time at night to talk to each other, but actually know that it's not the making of the time that counts, it's the conversation that we have when we talk.'

The artistic things:
Learn music! Stop being such a lazy fool who comes home and watches whatever is on TV between 4 and 6 and then goes back to rehearsal, comes home and watches Tv or wastes time online after 10pm. It's ridiculous how much music I could have had learned if I had used those hours to look at music rather than sit in my nice comfy red warm blankety chair.....

Happy New Year.


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