13 February, 2006


15 November 2005 @ 10:29 pm
New Beginnings
The four websites that I check between the hours of 6pm and 10pm daily (except when I am in rehearsal) are: hotmail, nytimes, nfcs, and tytania's journal. From that journal website I found canadienne, and a plethora of blog links that have to do with the operatic world. Singers that are trying to make it in ny, chicago, the suburbs, critics that are writing about every vocal event in their area, opera fans commenting on the job that singers do in performances, and I even subscribe to operaL to get every one and any one's opinion on anything that has to do with opera.

I have always had this blog. I never update it, so I decided to delete, and start again. And maybe this time write about something I know and love (sometimes) and live (most of the time).

Since I need to either be online less, check my email less because no one is going to write me every five minutes, (even though operaL comes pretty close in my junk mail folder), or find something else to do online, I decided to give this a whirl.

Of course I would choose to start writing in what is for most singers the busiest and most nervous time of year- audition season!

I love auditions. I hate applying for them, but I love singing them. I love going into a room not really knowing what will happen, hoping that my first piece goes well, and that the second one if the panel asks for it, will blow them away as well.

So far this season I have sung 3. I have 10 more in the next month. Some are summer programs, some are year rounders, one is a major conservatory (well, two actually- if I get my act together with recommendation letters and CDs). Oh yea, that's due Dec.1st. Maybe I should check on THAT online application website instead of typing this first post.

What I most want to say is something about career, aspirations, needing to talk about it here.
Who knows if it will be like my last blog, appleshiner, which I only wrote in seven times over two years.

signing off on a high note. (G)

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