07 June, 2013

once a month?!

Wow, sorry for the neglect. I suppose I could say I've been busy, but actually I've been on vacation!

A few music related notes. Haha. Notes. You got that, right?

1. Audition before I left for vacation- if you can't 'imagine' me singing fiakermilli from hearing zerbinetta in an audition, then... I'm not sure how you can imagine anything, frankly. So, thanks for the super positive feedback, and too bad your director couldn't find it in his 'mind' to link me with the role.

2. Audition while I was on vacation- Let's talk a bit about my pet peeves with Queens. Usually, it's that they just SOMETIMES hit the high F's, they just SOMETIMES do the correct dynamic markings, and generally, they sing balls to the wall LOUD, whatever sound comes out.  Well, I 'tried' that technique after being asked to sing the aria AFTER singing all of Zerb and all of Glitter and be Gay. Not because I 'wanted' to try it, but because there's no way after singing an 11 minute aria followed by a super-energetic 6 minute aria that you are going to get any 'delicate' markings with a Koenigin. And apparently from the feedback that was my 'best' audition ever for them. Sooo--there you go.

3. Audition after I got back from vacation. I didn't trust my gut and put Oscar on the list. After starting with Zerb (1/2 of it), they asked for it. I HATE not knowing whether they just wanted to hear something 'short' after a long aria, or whether they actually wanted to hear me sing in 'middle voice' in a pants role for 'sometimes' coloratura soprano if they're actually considering the show. Hate that.

4. I've been asked for the SECOND time in the past few months to audition for Christine in Phantom. Auf Deutsch. Like, we will put you directly in the final round, we just want to hear you and think that you'd be great. I already said I have work in the middle of their rehearsal period and another show in December that would conflict, and they said (in an email) - but, wouldn't the chance to be first cast christine or first cover christine for a whole year make you want to give up that other opera?
Uh- NO, actually, it wouldn't! hahahahah! Sure, let me give up a Koenigin der Nacht in a great house to COVER Christine for a year.  Thanks! You are funny.
The thing is, I'm TEMPTED, just TEMPTED to go sing an audition for them (and bring Queen of the night in addition to 'think of me'). And see! ANYWAY vocally I suppose I should be singing Carlotta. But 'looks' wise I'm too young and would be 'typed' as a Christine.

5. Big audition coming up next week. Have to fly for an hour to next-door-neighbor country, sing in 'the big house', and here's hoping that with the right rep, they'll consider me for something!