30 August, 2007

pretty shoes

I just bought two extremely cute pairs of shoes.

One pair is that shiny patent leather thing that's "in" right now- So hot right now. Hansel. High heels. Myriad dresses to wear them with--when I'm wearing dresses again and not capris, jeans and otherwise boyish things to work in.

The other is a cute low heeled T strap to mimic what I'm going to be wearing on stage (kind of), so I can practice without being in my sneakers all the time.

I've been waking up early, and going to sleep at a normal adult bed time (not a crazy college student/insomniac bedtime), and feeling generally like things are coasting right now.

I'm not stressed, I'm just trucking along, enjoying the moment, looking forward to things, and letting things unfold.

28 August, 2007

rehearsal day 1

Costume fitting- handsome.
Rehearsal of most of my music- smooth.

What I'm in the mood for- mint chocolate chip ice cream and a girly movie.
What I'll end up doing- scores, applications, new arias, and listening to my ipod on shuffle.

Currently- Chopin Polonaise in Eflat minor- Arthur Rubinstein playing.

Previous song- Pop- JTimberlake.
Next song- Mediate- INXS

26 August, 2007

and we're off

Tomorrow begins a new adventure.
I'm prepared, positive, and most importantly- packed (that is, if the suitcase closes after I add the shirt that's in the dryer, my pj's, and last minute stuff like the toothbrush I'm still going to use tonight.

I'm sure I'll get better at this time with and experience. I'm actually a really good packer- usually- when I don't have to pack for three possible seasons ranging from insanely hot to cool fall foliage to freezing and snow.

But for now one checked bag and one carry-on sized suitcase (which I'm going to check anyway) will do- plus my deep black hole bag which has my score and my laptop.

Ok. Last post from current-state.

24 August, 2007

theatre. theater. theatre.

My younger cousin is in town to visit and have her last two weeks of vacation before she officially embarks upon the lifestyle of the poor starving artist. She wants to be an actress.
Actually, she is a very fine actress already, and I'm sure that although she'll do the struggling waitress/tempjob thing in the city, she'll also have her continued share of successes.

Coincidentally, I happened to have an audition yesterday for a production that is "straight theater" heavy. It's an opera, yes. It's an entire role. But it is also staged for a smaller, more intimate audience, with the use of close up Audio/Visual materials, etc, and so they were looking to cast a strong actor who would not stand and sing pretty, but be able to convey up close the emotion and meaning of what is necessary in the piece.

I walked into the room quite sure of what I was doing vocally, and I decided to just let myself feel the piece out dramatically. What did that mean?
Well, for me it meant more time in the recits, and motivating them with realism on stage.
Instead of hoping the conductor isn't getting pissed that you're taking too much freedom with that eighth note rest.

It meant different vocal colors, that may not have "beauty of tone", but still belong there dramatically.
Instead of worrying what your voice teacher or coach will say about the fluidity and even-ness of the vocal range.

It meant relying on my acting skillzzz and actually finding out that they are "right". They work. They inspire me to do the "right" things, the things that make people move. That make people lean forward in their seats. That make people think about what I'm saying in another language becaues they can understand my body language and intent.

I have never subscribed to one "method" of acting. Usually it comes to me quite naturally, but I do have to still find it-- whether I find it in my voice, the character, a piece of detailed information, the source material--there is some trigger and then I "get" what I have to do to make this person come alive through me.

It was a great feeling to work with drama people and feel like I wasn't "opera"-acting faking it.
You know what I'm talking about.

Basta. A few more days of leisure, a gbye, and I'm off to opera1 this season.

22 August, 2007

it's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrr

Wow, every singer that I know is in the WORST of moods these days.
Because it's "gather ye rosebuds..." I mean, ye CRAP for audition season...while ye may.

There is SO much resume paper, rewritable cd's, printing, filling out, downloading of Adobe Acrobat 8.0...even things on the internetsss are getting more hard and annoying to fill out with writable pdfs that you have to save to your desktop or submit online (that you can't fill out in smaller writing like you could if you were hand writing the thing to actually EXPLAIN to them your proficiency in four languages).

And the kicker? That's just the application. It doesn't guarantee an audition.
The EVEN more annoying kicker?
YOU can fill out an entire application, have the CD with 3 selections, have a new headshot, updated bio, reformatted resume, and IF you don't have THREE people that are "on it" and "on time" to write your recommendations, you can't send out the application.

What if I'm the person to come up with the grand idea of getting ALL the young artist program directors together, split them up by summer and residency/year round, and ask WHAT they want to know about their applicants. For real.

DO you REALLY care that 90 percent of your singers, when asked if they play a musical instrument, will probably put down those 4 years of piano that their parents made them learn in 4-8th grade even though they get by on playing their own line and maybe a little left hand bass notes now?

DO you REALLY care WHERE, WHEN and with WHOM singers have taken acting/dance/movement?
Really? THAT's suddenly going to ring a bell for you?

WELL--we should hear HER because she studied "ekkktinggg" with blabity bla bla bla of the Stanislavsky method.

Oh, no, we should hear HER because she took "movement for singers" at this pay-to-sing five years ago.

I mean, what singer, who isn't in school these days, has MONEY to study acting/movement/dance with ANYONE famous in New York?

Asking straight theater or broadway singers- sure. They take classes ALL the time and parade around NOLA with little clothes and tap shoes on.

But I don't think a majority of opera singers living anywhere get to independently study any of these things, so we inevitably write down who we studied with for one, or two years in college, and then maybe those three times we took a movement class at the summer program we did last year.

OK, so after asking all of these "important" questions, I will come up with a "common application".
Yes, you heard it here first. Don't steal my idea. For serious.

It will be online, and perfect. And if a specific opera co. wants more information, they can have an added "supplement".
AND payment will be online and they can each charge different things.

The MAIN thing will be that all of the "general" info. that we fill out 10,20,30 times over and over in tiny block letter handwriting, or try to fit into pdf files, or have to THINK about because it's just THAT little bit different on each application, will get to be taken out of the equation.

And then it can go straight into their computer, from ours. And there will be room to upload headshots, resumes, bios, reviews, and mp3s.


19 August, 2007

in transit

(written friday night on the train, posted today, first day of internet-availability)

Sung to: If I were a rich man

If I had a treo
I could email email email email email all day long
On the train or bus I’d not study
If I had a crackberreeee

Wouldn’t have to work hard
I’d just email email email email email all day long
So much fun, and I’d be much more calm
If I had a wireless palm

I’d check my
gmail facebook
Hotmail and friendster
Right in the crowded subway
I’d never miss a thread or a blog entry
Refresh my hotmail, gmail, facebook and friendster
On this way long boring journey
If I had a palm PC

SMS my best friends
And I’d email email email email email all day long
Without paying fifteen cents a text
What’ll verizon charge for next?

I’d have a data bundle
I could email email email email email all day long
Birthday time is just around the bend
Iphone- you’ll be my new best friend.

What is it with me and the luck or should I say bad luck that I have with mass transit?
Last week rescheduling due to flooding = me walking numerous blocks from upper west to midtown east. Then everything rescheduled.
I had a choice to make today. Take the train or take the bus?
Train is more expensive, and I thought to myself as I exited singing2…I did a good job today and feel good about it. The train is worth that extra 40 bucks for the comfort, the non-bus-ness of it all, and so yes, let’s do it.
Walk outside- rain.
Takes 10 min. to get a cab (yet another luxury I decided upon since I was hauling a suitcase, scores, and my laptop), got out of the cab at 36th and jogged the rest of the way (it had stopped raining by then), but that didn’t stop the train from deciding to be an hour late.
Yes, I say deciding. The ACELAS were running, why couldn’t the regional trains run?
Yes, answer me THAT Amtrak!

So I sat on the probably really really dirty floor of Penn station for an hour, looking at my score, looking up at the board every 5 minutes to see 45 minute delay turn into 55 and then an hour and 5 minutes.

It’s ok though.
What can I do?
I can’t complain, I can’t change my tickets to the sold out and 300 dollar Acelas, I can’t run with all of my stuff up the couple of blocks to Port Authority and try to get on the hourly bus—because, hey, that’s in rush hour traffic and who knows when that would get where I want it to get.
I can’t go to Chinatown with my stuff- I mean, I really was soaked and not about to head anywhere around 5 pm on the Subway.

So. I waited patiently and reflected on the past two days.
Singing2 was really fun. I sang a song that I usually teach to my high schoolers, and actually sang myself in high school. And began with a new, yet upcoming aria as well- which was fun practice, as it is mostly asked for as a 2nd or 3rd piece.

AND I had a new audition dress which I’m happy with…except for the excessive sweating from the excessive heat. JEEZ now I remember why I’ve always worn a black top.

On the train now, maybe we’ll move, maybe we’ll get there.
The important thing is there is nothing for me to rush to, rush from, or be concerned about getting to except somewhere to sleep for the night.

16 August, 2007


OK, I will admit that I was nervous. But only this morning. It was the good nervous/excited that makes me do things very slowly and deliberately--like start getting ready a good 2 hours before I even need to set foot outside of the apartment.

At singing1 today:
OH my gosh were people all over the place. It was amusing to see the level of freakouts that were going on with people being nervous, people being just a bit too loud because they were nervous, people practicing with each other for a two second reading, people trying not to act nervous even though they were.

My personal performance:
Ooh, I shall rate myself a la Olympic judges.

Acting- total 10. I "Kristin Chenowithed" the crap outta that piece and the text.
I mean- really- it's what it needs. It's not about copying. It's about seeing what the modern audience reacts to and likes, and finding a different way to do it myself and making it my own interpretation (in which I go for the-- I kinda LIKE what happened to me in a sick sick way thing).

I'm going to say a 9.5 or 6. BUT I will say that those tenths of points are only taken off because of things that IIIII know that I could do better, and not necessarily things that needed to sound better for the panel.

I don't think about any of this while I'm singing, obviously, but my thoughts "after" have to do with TWO little mini-runs that I've done in a more fun/exciting/vocally exciting way before, and today just popped out like the normal staccato that is written in the score.

It was better than my last performance of the aria. It was better than most every coaching (yes, all two) that I've had on the aria...except maybe ONE two weeks ago where I felt really really into it vocally.

So what is there- dynamics- yes, pitch- yes, diction- yes, interpretation- yes, accuracy- yes, it was really a performance/audition that I'm happy with. And since I think of auditions as performances anyway, I would have been glad to have had my singing and acting both audio and video recorded, and on the "public record" as--"this is what she can do".

(oh yes, and added high note got the panel's heads turned up yet again).
mwa hahahahahaha...

It is so so so fun.

Results? Of course I care. But more importantly I want to know that I made a good impression today--for "the future". Again...this is a long long long shot. And also a wonderful opportunity to shine for the first time. Which I think/hope that I did.

Basta. Time to eat.

Round two is tomorrow.

15 August, 2007

tired in a good way

Just had a coaching for singing1 tomorrow.
It was helpful to set tempi, and also going through the rest of my rep was a nice review as well for the official start of the audition season.

I guess it's good to get comments like- it sounds like this is really in your body, and not too old to be tired out, and not too new- just in that perfect and exciting way.
And also--you're young but you sound like you and not trying to be older.

That too.

New York today: Way too polluted. It seemed like I couldn't walk anywhere without someone taking a huge cigarette drag and blowing it out in my general direction, or lighting up a cigar (ughghghghghgh), or having incense burning all over at little tables that try to sell you things on the side of the street, or just generally being blown dirty dirty air upon all day.

I feel like taking the third shower or the day and also taking a long long nap in the cool cool air conditioning.

Thoughts about tomorrow:
I mean, what can I say?
Of course it's a "god I hope I get it" kind of moment and OF COURSE I feel REALLY good about the singing and acting...but there is also a reality that the casting choices for this may be the most competitive casting pool I've been thrown into.

And as much as the "god I hope I get it" kid wants to win, there is the secondary kid in there that's just hoping to kick ass, not assuming they'll get it, but remembering that this is a first important audition for so-and-so and it is the time to make a good impression for the next few years of consideration.

It's better after doing so many auditions to just let everything roll off of my back. I do my best, which I KNOW is my best, and then it's out of my hands. If I impressed, wonderful. If not, next year.
Yes, this would be amazing. Yes, it's my favorite thing. Yes, I understand the piece and am excited about it. Yes, I hope to get a chance to do this again at some point in my life.

I will spend tonight as any usual night here, seeing friends, light dinner somewhere, get home at a decent hour, go over lines and words before bed, and focus a little (after a rerun of Law and Order or two) on tomorrow.

14 August, 2007

lil' old international me

Really, I don't google myself ALL the time.
Sometimes I am just curious--especially when people tell me that I have a review two weeks before I find it in a magazine or online.
Aaaanyway, this morning's google revealed a nice little mention in Spanish.
Usually it's everyone else that I'm googling.

The explorations of a google ninja lead to myriad destinations.

Operabase to opera house to 07-08 season to cast list to who is that soprano to what has she sung to where is her website to can I figure out how old she is to who is her manager to ok this has to be my next level and goal and how do I make that happen...
which leads to itunes, aria database, opera glass, googling free mp3s, this libretto is free is IUCAT, let me learn another crazy and outlandish french aria, oh wait, dessay sang that in an album I have on my ipod, etc. etc. etc.

And this is how I end up in front of my computer all day.

13 August, 2007

maybe 9-5s aren't that horrible...

...if you get to sit in front of your own computer in your workout clothes all day.
Hey- I'd be getting overtime right now since it's 5:32! Plus I only took half an hour for lunch!

I've been staring at the computer screen for mostly all day.
To be the "decider" of things.

Do I want to do this application?
Do I want to do this competition?
Do I want to send out this mainstage mailing?
That concert mailing?
Should I pay 75 bucks to get 50 headshots reprinted in NY without checking a proof first?
Will any accompanist ever call or email me back and say that they are available for singing1? (yes, they did).

The conclusion? I haven't decided on anything, really. My records are much better in terms of dates, fees, requirements, and what needs to be done by a certain date, but I still haven't made that final commitment to put postage on something and send it off...partially because I don't have my new headshot mass produced yet, and partially because I want to concentrate on other musical things until this week is over, and THEN concentrate on the applications.

In WAY fun news I saw another quote in Opera News that was highly amusing regarding a recent performance of mine. So now my record for showing up there is two months in a row.
Beat that, Trebs!!! j/k, j/k I know you're sick and you're resting your 'voce'. Feel better soon, and oh, yea, please go back to singing rep. that fits in your voice so you don't lose it in the first place.

12 August, 2007

a long weekend...

Away for things IRL (in real life) this weekend.
Back now with a countdown to a few things including singing1 and singing2, preparing, memorizing, and packing for singing3, saying a big goodbye, and getting ready for an extended period of time "on the road".

08 August, 2007

post mint oreo post

(and healthy salmon with rosemary and asparagus dinner).

As everyone has posted everyone, NYC was horrifulous today- and by horrifulous I mean horrible and fabulous all at the same time.

A. Everything was down.
B. You couldn't get any cabs, and the working subways and busses were sickeningly packed.
BUT C.- people were being unusually warm and friendly--since ALL of new york's population was outside walking the streets today (trying to GET cabs, busses, subways instead of walking in 90 degree weather and 100% humidity).

They were talking about what other routes to take, which trains were down, people on the way up the escalator were telling people on the way down what to expect...it was actually the most communication I've seen between the ipod/harry potter 7 book-laden noncommunicative New Yorkers I've seen in a very very long time.

My day involved walking from the UWS to Midtown East (after taking the M66 across town) and then walking 25 blocks on foot...I should say running is more like it.
Then, sharing a cab FROM midtown back to the UWS with a guy who was already 2 hrs late to work but had to turn around because he got a call that his air conditioner was leaking in his new apt.
Then planning on being at important place number one, but instead, changing out of nice clothes due to a weather cancellation, leaving the city (by train which was on time), driving 3 hours (in a mild amount of traffic..thankfully mostly before 5pm), and then taking a really really long shower to get all of "NY in summer" off of me.

things on my angry list

1. NY Mass Transit System.

2. Poughkeepsie

3. To Be Announced after I eat some MINT Oreos!

06 August, 2007


Ok, Brooklyn, since you have satisfied this evening's craving for cheap sushi, you are off the hook.

In upcoming musical things--an important upcoming musical thing.

But before that, a lesson with my very first voice teacher, and the one I'd consider my only teacher, really.
I'm always excited to see her, as it's not often that I get a chance to come back and have a lesson.
She is the one that gave me my first aria.
While I wanted to be the next broadway legit legend, she had to go a put some Puccini in front of me and change my life forever.

With her it's less about what I learn that specific lesson, and more about the whole journey. Yes, the one that began at 15.
Do I still have that sparkle of excitement in my eyes even during the warm up?
Do I still know and execute everything with freedom and ease?
Do I remember that this is all about the emotional communication of a language?

And all of the other questions and thoughts that are sometimes the farthest thing from what we do when we're in the process or on the stage.

It's good to have that someone to trust, who will always be completely honest, who will never let you get away with anything, and who truly wants you to succeed.

04 August, 2007

open letter to Bklyn

Dear Brooklyn,

Why are you really far away from everything that I need to get to in the city? And why do I have to change trains twice to get anywhere within singing/coaching importance?

You are really cute. Don't get me wrong. Good restaurants, love the community atmosphere, and most importantly, all of my friends live out here, as you are pretty affordable compared to, well, the upper west side!

It's just the when I have a black tie wedding to attend with a really nice dress to wear, you don't make it too easy to just hop right on over to the Pierre!

03 August, 2007

is it wrong

that instead of doing anything constructive I've been comparing the expensive (yet oh so sleek) iphone to a a really cute red blackberry pearl online for the past...oh...2 hours?

back to the music (biz)

I spent a bit of yesterday making the yearly tables of info. in a new Word document.


Spent some quality internet and google time with operabase and yaptracker as well as navigating to individual opera house and program websites.

Printed out a few applications, even-- but mostly just browsed to cut and paste information about seasons, application deadlines, and audition dates.

Even though I won't be in New York for 4 weeks of prime audition season, it's looking like at least for the larger summer programs, that I can still do an audition--somewhere.
The question is- do I want to?

I had SUCH an amazing summer NOT being in one of these programs, and I still managed to get valuable performance and audition experience, as well as sing in a large international competition and impress an agent or two in Europe.

I still "flip-flop" between the value of many of the bigger programs versus the "name", or the fact that "important names" come to see their shows, hear the young artists, etc.

This coming season, especially, with my limited time in the city for auditions, I want to make sure that I'm doing the "right" ones. Meaning, if I have to pick and choose, which ones do I choose?

The categories as I see them are as follows:

Summer: Young Artist or Mainstage

1. The obvious big name summer programs. Some of which I have sung for before, some of which I never sung for. Getting into one of these apprenticeships for the summer means you have a cover role or small role, some scenes, and most importantly also get to sing for everyone "important" in the business and work with the top coaches that travel there. Whatever the money, role, cover- you take it because of the contacts and the name of the program on your resume for the next year. (I think).

2. Mainstage auditions for smaller summer programs. For example, ones that you've done before as an apprentice. OR maybe auditioning as a young artist but getting a "better" mainstage role BECAUSE you've been there before. This is an in-between kind of feeling, because you're not really a principal artist, yet, you have a role, and you're still an apprentice. Less visibility, but a solid role- IF you can get it either way- mainstage or apprentice.

3. Festivals. This audition process is pretty much unknown to me, but something I think would be a perfect fit if the repertoire was right. It's not necessarily a program that has young artists in it, with a delineation between principal and apprentice, it's just a festival- somewhere in America (Or Europe, or anywhere else in the world).
My guess is that besides the VERY famous roles that they have to fill with very famous people, the casting may boil down to who the conductor/director/etc remembers that they've worked with, or what school/program they may be affiliated with, and THEN maybe open auditions for managed singers...maybe.
But again, I have no idea and would be speculating at best.

Year Round: Young Artist or Mainstage, US or Europe

1. Residency Programs (US):
I'm still very much young enough to do them. But now that I have a taste of freedom, do I want to go back? Should I audition for all of them across the board simply because of their renown and their training and the 'in' that an artist can make with the mainstage company if they impress? Should I audition for only the ones where I could really see myself living for 2-3 years? Should I not audition for any of them?
I appreciate that it is a place to be molded, a place to experiment, grow as a performer (wow that was cheeeezy), learn new things, get free coachings, get paid to keep studying, but is it not also a sort of holding pen until the "time is right"? And IS my time right now? Or should I go back inside and wait it out a bit? IF I get accepted inside?

2. Mainstage:
My opinion-- my time IS right now.

a. THAT said, mainstage auditions for upcoming seasons is really what I want to focus on.
b. THAT also said, it involves a delicate balance of calling on previous contacts and approaching new companies that is more difficult than filling out an online application and sending 2 recommendations and a CD.

3. Europe:
Young Artist programs there are a direct channel to mainstage singing. They pay very little, still livable, but if you get in, you're pretty much the cover for the entire season, plus you'll do all of the little roles.
It's extremely expensive and may require flying to Europe to audition for them, which is the main problem.

Mainstage Europe. Well that's just a whole thread in and of itself. But checking out operabase with upcoming performances that are still uncast (well, according to them), there is SO much going on!! And I feel stuck that I can't just send a resume and cover letter requesting an audition, because I'm simply not sure when I'll be back there to audition.

In the "best of all possible worlds" (ha- when I read this in a year, this will be an interesting reference point), I'd get to go back there for a month in January to do a tour. OR somehow my magical European contacts would forward my materials to houses that just happen to need an Einspring-er or haven't cast an '08 show yet- and something actually works out for later this year.

Long post but I had to work through it so I can get back to the task(s) at hand and triple check audition/competition preliminary/callback/final dates.

02 August, 2007

remains of the day

After an entire day of doing laundry and sorting through clothes, the following remain:

(NOT including any thing that needs to go in a garment bag, peacoats, and heavy winter jacket stuff):

I have ONE large suitcase of summer clothes
and ONE large suitcase of winter clothes.

And for traveling: ONE checked sized suitcase of clothes for 5 weeks (for "Fall") weather, and one carry on sized suitcase with audition outfit and general clothes for 4 or 5 days.

Now, that doesn't include shoes. But I obviously can't take more than one pair of nice heels, and whatever I'll wear at rehearsal and HOPEFULLY (somehow) my new boots), and sneaks. So the 4 bags full of "other" shoes will have to be packed away as well.

Oh yea, and the traveling suitcases are pretty much filled, and do not include anything else--which will be a problem since they don't include underwear yet either!!!

But there are three and a half big green leaf bags full of clothes that will keep someone warm, or in 2006/2007 style.

01 August, 2007

dilemma o' the day


I have quite a few of them. I have even MORE that I've bought, worn once or twice, and have never worn again. But every year, when I look in my closet, my trunks, those suitcases that have been packed up for half a year until the season is right, I have the same problem.

If I haven't worn them in the past year, do I give them away just because I haven't worn them and probably will not? OR do I keep them, because I COULD wear them in the future--if I felt like it?

Example: The summer clothes I packed for this 2 month trip included beachwear, and nice clothes for summer.
I wore HALF of what was in the suitcases. And it's not that I even repeated outfits so often! It's just that I liked what I liked, and I happened to bring about 8 cute tops (that were OVER a year old) that I just never wore. They are CUTE. Don't get me wrong. But I also had maybe 3 or 4 newer tops that were just an easier pick out of the closet for me, and were also newer.

I want to downsize since I'll be living out of a suitcase for two upcoming gigs, but I don't want to one day need a whole new wardrobe!!!

Unlike MOST girls I know, I really really really hate shopping. And I mean a lot. If I need a dress, I'm on a mission for that dress. In and out. Basta
I don't browse, I don't try things on and think about them...I just need things and get them. And what's worse, when I DO go on a "spree" and actually feel like buying something that I don't need that second, I feel like I have to buy all of the accoutrements, including a bracelet to match that one color of the top, and then, wait, which shoes do I have that go with this? Ok, ok, I'll look at shoes. Now, one outfit doesn't add up to much when you consider that I don't buy that many things, but that is precisely why I don't want to give my clothes away. More shopping. In the future.

Because maybe, one day, when I have a real house, I'll want those TWO corduroy mini skirts (wine and dark brown) that I can wear in the winter with black tights under them and look really cute.
Maybe, one day I'll want all of the cute summer shirts that I didn't wear this summer (plus the other 10 that I DIDN'T pack).

Right now I have a give-away pile, a maybe-give-away pile, and a pile of stuff that I like, haven't worn in ages, want to keep, but SHOULD give away (but just can't decide yet).

Is it wrong that I own more J-lo booty sweat outfits than jeans and nice pants put together?

And what about the college stuff? It was cool to walk around wearing my University sweatshirt ...during EXAM week!!! ...when I was in my PJ's in Undergrad. Do I really need three shirts with our logo on it? Plus one pair of very short shorts with the logo on the butt?

And all of those summer YAP tshirts with our names on them, and the opera season--I mean, hey, I use those for yoga or working out! (When I take yoga OR work out...ha).

So. What to do?
I think my choices are as follows:

a. Buy clear plastic bins and keep MOST everything, but labeled and by season, KNOWING that I will most definitely not wear it anytime soon, but keeping it for when I have my own walk in closet and shoe rack (ha.)
(ok, that option would involve buying a LOT of clear plastic bins).

b. Give what I haven't worn in the past year away--someone else will get better use out of it, and if I need another cool top, corduroy miniskirt, or pair of beat up comfy college jeans and logo tshirts, I can buy them and break them in again.

c. Give up things that are not "nice" clothes--meaning, those 2 suits that I bought when I thought I wouldn't be a singer, and would be doing interviews and interning at the UN, the dresses, the sheet tunic tops, things I have that are NICE for dress-up time, but have been unworn because I have OTHER things that are NICE for dress-up time as well.

-g, surrounded by unworn clothes and discovering that I had more suitcases of them here in storage than I thought.