02 September, 2013

just one thing

I just want to write ONE thing.
I know it's been a while.

Here it goes.
I'm out of the YAP game now and have been for years, but- looking at some of the applications deadlines now.
Sure, there were always those outliers that had super early application deadlines...mid-september, etc.
But now- SO many are due by the end of August, FIRST week of September!
People, I know it's a competition to get the first applications, get the $$ in order and get your audition tours scheduled, but the poor kids aren't even back in SCHOOL yet!
Some are just leaving summer programs, some might be on the road home to load up their car before school starts this week! Come on now! Can't we all just enjoy labor day weekend and THEN get the apps together?

Shocked and a bit sad for the people that actually had to get all their crap together including updated CVs, recordings, AND letters of recommendation (when they aren't even at school yet!)!

Good luck to one and all, I guess.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program of me not-so-much updating the blog.

Oh yea, performance this summer went well. Preparing for fall performances and auditions.