26 February, 2006

That's what "friends" are for

This is not going to be a "mad" post. It will just be a regretful post. Regretful that I just found out that two certain people in this program have been talked about behind their backs, their attitudes (sarcastically negative) have been brought up numerous times, events have been planned without them and for the benefit of almost the whole "group" that hangs out together, and friends that they thought they had aren't really hanging out with them anymore.

These two people are very good friends and occasionally delight in lambasting their current vocal and financial situations, the lack of education they are receiving, the horrid level of everything artistic that surrounds them, and their general outlook on life, love and everything in between.

There are small details and character flaws that we ALL don't like about ALL people. Whether it's too much energy, lameness, self-absorbed, kinda not that smart (ok, dumb), whatever---that really annoy us and can become unfathomable when we all spend time together as a group. Of course, that's why the group breaks down into smaller groups. Better friendships are formed with people that connect on certain levels.
But that is no reason to smear someone's attitude and just decide to do something without them.

I don't want people thinking of these others like this. I don't want them to feel like these people are negative and wouldn't want to "hang out Anyway". I think it's just upsetting and sad that a group of people expressed these feelings as a group to each other and these two other people found out about it.

Not cool.

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