11 April, 2015

the best job...

I know, it's been ages and ages. I know, I probably used that same intro. line the LAST time I hadn''t written in over a year.
I won't try to sum up or review.
And I also won't promise to blog more often! But I came upon the sad existence here and then realized that in mid-April for WHATEVER reason over 150 readers graced this page (reasons unknown to me?) and that I hadn't updated in so long that I ... probably should.

So the update is- HEYYYYY_---- I've got 2 kids! and HEYYYYY I'm still a working artist!

Things upcoming include a concert of SUPER modern music that NO, I have NOT had the time I've needed to learn (yet), and YES, does have a rehearsal in just over 2 weeks.

Then some more 'gala-esque' concerts which are always great since I get to pull out operatic gems PLUS learn a few new crowd-pleasers that I've wanted to take a look at and now have an excuse to do just that!

That's all for now.
Back to work...