26 April, 2013

a bit busier

Happy to report that I am now a bit more gainfully employed for the season. Still looking out for what the future will bring of course.
A few open ended things, a few more auditions coming up this spring/summer, and a few 'meetings' where I'm supposed to be 'marketed' or 'sold' or 'mentioned' or whatever it is that gets you on the radar of houses once they meet your manager and they have something specific in upcoming rep. for you.

All in due time is sure taking its time right now.

That plus I just got over a week and a half of a horrible mess of allergies...

HOWEVER, I'm feeling much better now, even got a chance to practice today, and a small person in another room is taking an epic nap this afternoon (about to hit the 3 hr mark) so I have NO further complaints.

Happy Weekend!