17 December, 2011

Counting Down

Home sweet home feels wonderful so far.
I still haven't gotten over weird jet lag issues- for the first 4 days I woke up at 4am, stayed awake and activity-filled until about noon, then crashed for the afternoon, and then, of course, couldn't fall asleep well at night, -- so I woke up at 4am again.
But last night I KIND of slept from 12:30am - 7:30am...
Kind of.

I have to report to my next 'first' rehearsal in March.
Learning the music for next-opera is just going to be a challenge.
There, I said it.
I already put my tabs in, marked the score (even though I have no real 'words'), translated the few words that I DO have, and have TRIED to even circle leading clues as to what note I come in on before most of my entrances.
Have I mentioned that this is a totally modern piece that I don't even know how to categorize? There are a FEW patterns that I can recognize and work off of in terms of my part, but, they are few and far between.
And sometimes modulated by one 'major' or 'minor'- which really means...there are NO patterns.

Umm, maybe I should stop blogging about it and actually try to LEARN it.

Thing is, for the audition last year the house already sent me the 'hardest' parts, so I know that about 10 minutes of music is already done and done. And I don't recall it taking me SO LONG to figure it out for the audition! I mean, I just 'got on the ball' and did my thing.
Which is precisely what I have to do now...
Oh motivation, can you please come knocking down my door in the next 3 weeks?


11 December, 2011

day of the final show, y'all!

Matinee. Today.
Packing. Tonight.
Airplane. Tomorrow.

That is all.
It's been a really really amazing experience here. Making my debut in this 'important' theater...can't say enough about how much fun my colleagues have been, how nice all of the staff have been, and how much I've really enjoyed my time.

And now- on to the next BIG project.

One more to go- and I've had insomnia since about 3am.

03 December, 2011

4 down, 2 to go!

It's my last week here!
So far our performances have gone really really well. Last night's Friday audience was the most into it since opening (to be expected of a weekend crowd, I suppose?), and this weekend my parents AND cousins are in from out of town to visit ME!
Can't complain when the majority of my day today will consist of eating a great brunch, walking it off by window shopping, and eating a great dinner.
NINE more days until I'm on an airplane HOME.
TWO more shows to kick some booty on.
Bring it.