31 January, 2008

game face

In honor of super bowl weekend, the title of game face.

Otherwise known as- psyching yourself up, getting ready, planning for everything that could possible go wrong, and going in it to win it.

Which is what I'm doing right now.
I'm almost finished packing (too many shoes, that's all I'll say).
Next up, the audition binder revival (it's been too long and reinforcements are needed).
After that, a sensible dinner (chicken in peanut sauce w/ brown rice- YUM).
Followed by some POSSIBLE vocalizing.
Followed by making sure for the 10th time that I have all of the rep. that I said I'd sing (questionable, b/c I can't find Rejoice Greatly...hmm)
Followed by looking through my remaining clothes and making sure I REALLY don't want that cute mermaid black skirt (I do, but I don't have the right top for it here).
Followed by charging the things that need to be charged- phone, ipod, computer, camera.
Followed by watching as much Law and Order as possible this evening.

FOLLOWED by getting to the airport, getting on two planes, and having a KICK ASS time this weekend (and perhaps beyond?) by doing the best that I can and bringing my game face to everything (including the SUPERBOWL!).

30 January, 2008

Drama, Parts II and III


My drama o' the day falls into the following categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Seriously)

Good- SUMMER JOB! YAY! As a mainstage at previous-yap. FUN role, the maid :) as usual.

Bad- (OH SO BAD) Budget Problems = TEH SUK!
Which translates for me as, I'm no longer singing an awesome role in 2009 because the company decided it's not in their budget to do the production. SO SAD.
However, I do still have an offer, smaller, to come up and make my debut with them in another production. YAY! (But not as YAY as the first offer).

Ugly- still ugly is drama from previous-post which is still unresolved and who knows when it will be.

Also, if things keep going how they are, my next THREE roles will be in Italian. Surprising, because most of my rep., as stated previously, is freakishly high French/German or contemporary.

Can I please have some chocolate now?

The drama(s) of the past 2 days are like a sugar and caffeine high followed by the crash.
And the crazy part is, I can't do ANYTHING about it. I just sit and wait for the call or the final word. Which could come tomorrow, or never.

Weirdly, I'm pretty calm right now. Thinking about my next adventure out of town that begins on Friday, and what it may bring.

29 January, 2008

no more drama


I just wish there was less drama involved with it all. But of course, that's what it's all about, right? Can it ever just be about the talent? How could you possibly CHOOSE just among the talent? No, it seems like the stars have to align, that mercury has to be in retrograde (or in the tuna), and that the Roadrunner has to stick out his tongue while Wiley E. Coyote holds a sign up as he falls off the cliff that says--- DUH---could you please look at what is right in front of you? (before falling down that steep, steep canyon?)

basta cosi. I can't have this keeping me up.
Drama, you are officially on my angry list.

OOH. I'll make this into a better/more amusing post right now.

Northwest Airlines and the horrible treatment I received last week. Scathing letter to follow.
Dry Clean Only.
Sleeping with my head/bed against an outer wall (it's so cold even if the blankets are warm!)
Finding out I'm slightly allergic to the cat, but wasn't when he was a kitten.
Still not being able to figure out how to use call waiting on my cell phone.

Skinny cow mint ice cream sandwiches
College A Cappella
Receiving funny text messages during the State of the Union Address
Reading really really good books until 4am.
Successfully fitting my personal belongings and 2 gowns into a carry-on suitcase.

I feel much better now.

DRAMA ur teh suk.

28 January, 2008

odds and ends

I think that I could find a reason to buy just about anything in CVS. Ok, maybe not Rogaine for men, or footspray for some weird fungus, but still. Between the makeup, the shampoos, the ready-while-you-wait photo printing services (for the pics that have been on my digital camera for OVER a year), random leftover holiday chocolate for sale, yoga mats, and hallmark greetings...I could spend, well, a lot of time and money there.

Today I limited myself to printing out some pictures, nail polish, and some nice-smelling lotion.

But don't believe that I didn't walk through every aisle (except the baby one) looking for possible things I may POSSIBLY need for the trip.

Umm, the main thing that I'm putting off here is a complete revamp of my audition binder.

It's time.
Paper is getting smudged and wrinkled at the top and bottom from being shoved in my bag during rain and hailstorms, pianists have pulled out the last reinforcement in Queen of the night on the awful page turn so that it's hanging by a thread on one ring, aria order does not line up with TAB order because I change the '5 of the day'for each audition, and in general, it's a hot mess.

I have a date with a double sided photocopier.


27 January, 2008

packing for different weather

I'm leaving for the sunny weather again in a few days, and I've dug back into the suitcase labeled "summer" to find just what I need.
Of course, it won't be in the 80s and above like the summer, but it will be in the 60s I think--what does that mean? Dresses, skirts, and cardigans- joy.

Um, bathingsuit? WHY NOT?! The hotel MAY have a pool, and that would just ROCK.
Workout clothes? CHECK. Can't go for more than 4 days without them.

Now--'business clothes' and that means auditions, coachings, meetings with the vip's, "events" in general, I have many of:
Little black velvet dkny dress- check
audition outfit #1 and #2 (after drycleaning) and recent red #3 addition (check)
possible gowns (1 cocktail length, one full--just in case)- check.
black A line and mermaid skirts with respective fun tops- check.
Black PANTS when all else fails and I feel like being comfortable in pants and a cute top or sweater- check.

for fun times if I have time:
Jcrew cream/brown dress w/cardigan- check
skinny jeans and 7s- check

SHOES (too many, I know, but I'm taking 'em!)
black audition heels, black patent leather rounde toe, brown open toed (for the brown dress), black boots (for everything), sneaks? (I guess so if I want to work out), Tan bunny heels (for everything else), and MAYBE my black rocket dogs as a standby for comfort.

and most importantly, COLORS OF THE PATRIOTS for when I'm cheeeeering my fave team on superbowl sunday- CHECK CHECK CHECK!

26 January, 2008

leaps and bounds

Today that little *Idea* that I had became a reality.
I wrote out the web-content for it, revised it, gathered the materials that I'll be working with during consultations, got in touch with a web designer, and may actually be on the way to making this a reality.

Things to think about:
-How to link a small business email to one of my current emails so I don't have to check FOUR sites, or download to a desktop manager.
-Do I get an 800 number? Or a New York number? Or just use my cellphone for business as well? And what companies (if any) let TWO numbers ring on the same cellphone? Hmmm.
-How MUCH info. do I put on the website in order to get people interested, without giving away what I'd be doing in a session with them anyway?

I suppose the only costs that I'll incur if this DOESN'T end up being successful are the website, and any phone lines or photocopy materials that I put together for this.

I'm willing to take that risk, because from the work I've completed so far in this field, all of my 'customers' have been satisfied, and it's only grown through word of mouth--why not word of intranetszszsz?

25 January, 2008


Had a coaching with a new-to-me coach today--known for coaching the bel canto style, in any piece, and REALLY focusing on legato.
I was totally into it.
This particular coach warned me that some singers just don't like it, don't like the style, and don't mesh--and never come back. But I feel like I want to come back every week!

It was one of those coachings where I felt like I improved things in the coaching, but also came out with a lot to think about, and also ways to work on and continue to improve what we began--even when I'm not at the piano with this particular person.

The short of it is, no one ever asks to hear my Italian pieces, except for Oscar.
Maybe it's because I don't sound so lyric-y, as the light lyrics singing the rep, maybe not.
I've attributed it to the fact that once I start with a great German of French or freakishly high, coloratura, etc. piece, they will ask for my Mozart- which happens to also be high and in German. But it also shows legato line.
And that's why they don't ask for the Norina, Amina, Rosina (in F)...and frankly, I don't offer it that much either, knowing that those are long-ish, and I think I show myself better in other pieces that have "line", but are not necessarily Italian bel canto.

So it's been something that I've definitely not worked on as much as I COULD have...but for good reason- I have not been asked to sing any of those roles (until now) and my slightly more lyric sounding soprano friends sing those pieces at auditions so I've never bothered to be in direct competition with this rep., sticking instead to my favored French and German.
But, the time has come.
I do have the voice to sing it, as I was reminded of today after a few simple lines of singing, and loving what I was singing.
And it's not about vocal weight or color. It's what I can bring to these roles, and how I can make the beauty of voice match the poetic intention.

Things to remember:
Vibrate the air (naturally) always. From note to note, through the vowels and the consonants. Through the doubles. Voice or unvoiced. It's just ONE air. It stops for nothing.
Take time for the poetic cadence. 3 eighth notes in a row never sound like three eighth notes in a row, because one of them is the most important part of the syllable, word, or phrase.
ONE or TWO dynamics per phrase and definitely per cadenza.
I don't need to show anything but what is written on the page.


And to reiterate, ONE vibrated breath throughout. It's more freeing, but also way more scary than getting to control it the way I sometimes like to do. But it feels so good when it comes out that way. No effort at all.

23 January, 2008


Had a coaching today to refresh some arias and also to go through some new-additions-of-already-learned-arias-to-my-replist.
It's so fun when you have someone who is just as excited to work, perfect, tweak, and really get that stellar performance that you're looking for--guiding you from the piano with new ideas, new thoughts, and new inspirations (for old, old, old arias).
Now, not that I don't like any of my old pieces. I sing them and offer them at almost every audition, and wouldn't give them up for the world. They show off my voice best, they're a mix of mozart, standard, contemporary, and off the beaten path. I think that I have a great list of 5,6,7-10..whatever I feel like offering that day for that particular audition.

But they have all been in my rep. for a number of years. And every once in a while when I'm not coaching a new role, or learning a new aria for something specific, it's really nice to actually coach my current audition repertoire--instead of just offering them at the audition and seeing which ONE of the six the panel will pick second.

Things to remember:
It's about the whole phrase, no matter how musical I make each of the mini-parts of the phrase.
The first note of the word "una", no matter how "little" the word is, set the tone and framework for the rest of the aria.
Play with the Tra la la's on the offbeats and accents.
Play with the first cadenza and build up to the Morbleu!
Don't rush the high notes that everyone thinks are hard, even if they're not hard for me to sing.
To accent a note more (and HOW could I forget this from my days of piano lessons), DE-accent (emphasize less) the note before it, don't just ACCENT the note MORE.

Looking forward to another coaching with a coach-new-to-me, but highly recommended on Friday.


22 January, 2008

free-ish time

Update of the week since I seem to be not interesting enough to myself to post every day--
I have two weeks to coach whatever I want! I'm doing a BIT of preliminary work on possible upcoming role, but mostly, I'm preparing for some auditions and competitions, maybe even with time thrown in to make a recording of a few arias so I'll have a new batch of music to send out shortly.

20 January, 2008

bad blogger

Good excuse- out of town.
I'm not writing from my favorite mac. Instead, it's a Toshiba (but I'll forgive that for the fast internet connection).
A weekend of being a bit sick, singing and impressing a majority of panelists, and more news that's no news--unless it turns into something for next year.
How secretive was THAT?!
I'll be on a 6am flight again tomorrow.
Returning for a week or two of hopefully intensive coachings in preparation for a large-ish audition coming up.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

17 January, 2008

i finally catch one..

a cold, that is.

I had a sneaking suspicion that it was upon me yesterday when I woke up feeling a bit stuffy and bla.

It took extra time to warm up, I had two Emergen-C's with my water, ate healthy, and still didn't feel great.

Sang an audition at 5pm yesterday and immediately got stuffy and runny-nosed later that evening.

Ok, so I've avoided it for the past ...4,5,6, months. I don't think this is a big one. I just wish I didn't have to fly tomorrow AND sing Saturday.

But I have all day today to rest, drink my OJ and Emergen-C, and be very very quiet.

15 January, 2008

So much for one-a-days

I know, no daily update---how did you all ever get through the day?

The masses were crying out in protest, I'm sure.

What did I do this weekend/yesterday?
2 lessons, one coaching, one more offer to sing in 2009.

Issue of the week/coaching:
What to sing at competitions.
OK, so there are the "artsy" competitions, where you're singing for established people in the business, or heads of opera companies that do a mix of standard and non-standard rep. IE- people that would appreciate the fact that I can sing the crap out of Zerbinetta as a starting piece in competition.
And then there are the competitions that have a panel of judges who are donors or board members from the opera companies who are budgeted to do Traviata's, Elixir's, Boheme's and the likes--their favorite arias being Violetta, Una furtiva, and O mio babbino, and Carmen.
You know what I'm talking about. It's not about smart or supid, it's not about budget or low-budget. It's simply about the bottom line. You have to know your audience, and regardless of how well I sing Zerbinetta at a competition, it will sound like a mess of modernity that goes on for 8 minutes to someone who hasn't heard it before and doesn't wake up in the middle of the night DREAMING of the day when the opera company will have enough money and support to mount the non-standard pieces that they love.

And the more competitions I do this season, the more I realize what a factor that plays into it all.

So out of this coaching, my best "showpiece" that is "for the masses" right now is Glitter and Lakme, followed by Queen. But I'll always let the panel ASK for Queen, I won't offer it, knowing that the preference for many is for the truly dramatic and dark sound PLUS the high F's.

Just thinking about the music to Candide makes me smile. The overture can brighten the crappiest day, and when my ipod is on shuffle and ANY song from the show comes up I'm automatically transported to a happy place.

And that is what I'm hoping comes across in competition when I offer this piece for the next few upcoming comps.

Things I still have to do and am completely putting off:

-Pay the MAN his Taxes (to support a war that has already put us in gazillion dollar debt and is being fought by 'government contractors' ie, armed blackwater terror-izers who are considered neither civilians nor military personnel and pretty much can't be accountable for whatever horrors the media will ONE day decide to report after this whole mess is over)....ooops, sorry for the tangent.

-Buy THREE new scores and mark them up (yissssss, I love the smell of hi-liter in the morning).

-LAUNDRY (and pack for competition 2008/v.2 this weekend)
More laundry (and pack for competition/audition2008/v.3 next next weekend)

-set up three or 4 more coachings in NY, one of them being a dramatic coaching (yay- finally the time to do that), before I leave for comp/aud/v.3.

I'm sure much more---but for now, it's off to do laundry.

11 January, 2008

another very longshot

Let's just say I'm practicing my German tonight.

For my memory when I'm old and don't understand what I'm talking about in the slightest (same company as before, different role, one rehearsal).

singing for the experts

Today I sang an audition for Germans, and I began with Zerbie and they picked DurchZ second.
I'm thinking that those years of German, plus this summer, plus coachings, plus my own personal belief in the fact that I can sing the rep. right worked out, because I think I sang well, it was recorded, (to be passed on, or reviewed again upon return to the mother country), and I think overall it was pretty great.

As this week slowly winds down into what will hopefully be a relaxing and quiet weekend, I'm looking forward to working on my plans for the next few months, ordering a new score (or two--not yet confirmed, but good chances I'll be joining ACB in learning the national anthem of roles of mezzos---and sometimes sopranos), and setting up more coachings in the city in the weeks to come.

It's strange--being here...well, near enough to here, now.
I feel like I have the world at my fingertips.
Coaching here, audition there, museum on the offdays, walking around the lower East side or hanging around the Met, it's pretty nice to have it all and not have to be paying the astronomical rent because I'm right next door to the action.

10 January, 2008

one of those days, cont.

Well, I still don't feel stellar, but I have to pull it together for the competition this evening.

I'm beginning to think more seriously about this extension of my dabbling in consulting/pr/grantwriting for the next month or so, as I have time off until my next concert and my next performance, and I'd like to get a bit more serious about the services that I could offer.

I wouldn't really say dabbling. I have plenty of experience in grantwriting, pr, and publicity for two opera companies over three years, and I enjoy rewriting bios and cover letters for all of my friends and helping them handle their musical lives in terms of preparation, where they should/could be looking to audition, how to manage the schedule, what to ask, and what to expect.

The natural extension of this would be to go into other fields in the arts and do some career consulting. After of course, getting materials together, having a selling point, and making sure I can gather the right kind of people to get this project on its feet and rolling.

Of course, instead of revising my ten or so pages of materials of lectures, private consultation outlines and client forms, I'm sitting here with my Emergen-C, in an early morning stupor of lack of sleep and general headache-body-ache-land.

I hate that when I'm in NY I suddenly get this completely anti-social feeling about seeing people while I have auditions or performances or competitions. I just want to shut up, sit in the apt., and go to and from my audition, to and from my coaching, and to and from the practice room.
And of course there really ARE friends that are totally overdue for a hangout session, a girly night in, lunch on the run, and just to get in touch with.

Last night I DID end up going out to visit 2 friends of mine from undergrad who were in my acapella group, and now have real lives (one's a lawyer, one's a married, mom of a 2 yr old AND 2nd year med student--yikes!), and seeing them was really great.
So maybe I need to make a bit more of an effort to come out of my reclusive state for the past few days.

I guess I do have all the time in the world here right now (meaning, it's not really audition season and I'm not really running back and forth on trains planes and automobiles to get to and from the city), so I will do better.

Once I charge my cellphone.

09 January, 2008

one of those days

Ok, except for a wonderful audition today, I feel like CRAAAAAAP today.
Didn't sleep well last night, woke up with a headache this morning, took extra long and I was a bit sluggish warming up, audition went smashingly, more on that below, came back to the apt. and took MORE headache medicine, tried to watch law and order (one that I hadn't seen before) and felt so horrible that I actually fell asleep during the episode! (But who is responsible for manslaughter, the woman who hit the guy with her car late at night? Or the other dude that beat the guy up 7 hours earlier and caused a subdural hematoma??!!!), and now I'm awake, after shower number two of the day to try and make me feel better, and advil number three of the day.

Oooooooh, here's where I break out that line from my favorite MT mezzo showpiece---I enjoy being a girl!

Onto the audition breakdown.
A. I had a great coaching yesterday on Zerbinetta. I'm singing this piece for someone that I definitely want to impress this week, with language, style, and just basically being Germanic--well, Viennese..about it, correctly both musically and stylistically. I've always gotten great feedback on it, esp. my German and also the style..so I shouldn't be worried, but I was. Until yesterday! As I said, great coaching. OPEN MY closed EEEE vowel!

B. We also coached that old friend sitting on the piano (yes, the one i LEFT on the piano and then had to run over to the NYPAL to make photocopies of before my coaching)--the aria of the years of my teens, not sung--probably since the years of my teens...
And the results are in. I HAVE a low and middle that totally works in Italianate pieces and now instead of sounding like a little birdy, I sound like voman. Plus all those high coloratura notes and the held F at the end for a zillion measures.
woOt! Not the I didn't know this, but I've just not sung any rep. like this for a while now, as I was starting to get fached within the fach (high, crazy, french, german, contemporary--you name it, it wasn't bel canto Italian).

C. Audition. Wore the new RED dress today and felt great in it. I think I wear IT, it doesn't wear ME. Especially with the rep. I offer...so it may be a keeper even though it is tres tres RED.
Second piece that was asked for was the role I was singing for, AND aria worked on above. And I felt great about it.

And then I came back to some avocado sushi, a Naked Green drink, water and advil.

Nap time again, unless I can rally the troops (myself) and be somewhat productive today.

07 January, 2008

outfit a, b, or c. (all of the above)

Packing again.

Somehow I don't care about what I wear during the week- 7s, sweaters, black boots- done. The tougher decisions that I have to make are which outfits to bring for auditions, competitions, the possibility that a first-round of the competition will be dressier than I expect, the possibility that I get into the finals of the competition, and always that NEW outfit that I want to make work, I bring, and then end up wearing the old, comfy stand-by.

I have TWO new outfits (dresses, actually), one needs to be taken in, because the only size left the store had was 2 sizes to big and I wanted it soooo badly (an adoooorable pinstripe dress), that I made them call all of the stores in 2 states, and sadly, all of the ones in my size or one up or one down were gone.

Dress numero uno is RED! I'm thinking that I'll try it out when it gets a LITTLE warmer out because it's cap sleeves and even though it is dressy enough, it's JUST springy enough not to use for winter.

Or maybe I'll bring it along and get inspired to show some color this season.

My current colors are dark dark purple- eggplant?
And another outfit is gray and black. But this one is a "different" kind of skirt so I'm ok with the 'normal' colors of it all.
Still, I want something with more of a splash. And red definitely has more splash...

We'll see what I feel like when I wake up, and what the weather is that morning.

Other things I have to think about:
Contributing the maxxx to my rothIRA account this year, AND telling my broker that I need to be bumped up a level to "very" aggressive mutual fund investor, now that the market is so low and even if it goes down, it can eventually only go up again.

TAXES! Just got my first 1099 in the mail.
ARGHHGHGHG--but at least it was a 1099 and not a w2- HELLLOOOOOO write-offs!

Have to figure out where I'm getting them all from this year, and look forward to that yearly huge document in the mail with the breakdown of what I've put on my business credit card this year...oh the joy.

I have been extremely bad about small purchases with cash this year, especially during auditions season (for last minute cabs in the downpours, mainly).
Have to get on that for reporting purposes.

Eeeek. I'm usually already prepared by now and just waiting to get the w2's and 1099's and whatnot.

Ok, time to start a new Xcel doc.

06 January, 2008

we meet again

Ah, the old aria.
Learned at age 15 or 16.
Auditioned with for local and national under 18 competitions.
The one that I sang extremely well and was my best, but like a little girl--compared to, well, now.

Welcome back to being on the piano.
At first re-sing: Things sound good! It's still easy, I have the added warmth, the more solid low, and if anything, I'm really feeling it now as a character piece instead of just a showpiece.

This week I have a coaching, audition, competition and audition.
I feel rested and ready for it.
I feel like this coaching is going to get everything into high gear, a little kick in the @ss if you will, and then I'll be refreshed AND ready to kick it.

What do singers DO when they're not in rehearsal all the time?
Yes, I have music to learn. Yes, I have to start looking at my tax stuff.
Umm, but what else?
I could...
Continue to write that book I've been working on,
Compose music for the musical that I'm working on,
Work on my two business ideas that require written materials, websites, and a marketing surge....

but the bigger question, even though I'd love to pursue all of these loftier ideas that excite and inspire me, is--how do I make enough money to pay my bills?

Hmm, I'll get back to myself on that one.

05 January, 2008


Well, I can say that I'll try, but I'm not sure how it will be with travel.
I think I'd like to keep them short and sweet.
For example,

I have been awake since 5am. That stinks. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to fall asleep at 10pm again tonight. That also stinks.

voice: I'm really going to practice today. For reals. Have had a lovely vacation for about 20 days and I think it may be time to approach the old piano, seeing as how I have a competition and audition coming up this week, and I want to schedule a coaching for it as well.

music: Just made a purchase on itunes, about to buy two scores for the not-so-immediate-but-still-upcoming future. I love cloth-bound ricordi's.

applications: it's competition season. I have to decide how much money I'm going to cough up on fees (I think I'm not going to enter anything above 35 this year if it requires travel), should I re-record anything? WHEN and WHERE will I do that? And amI actually going to learn some additional oratorio just to be able to apply to a certain competition?

It was nice to get a check yesterday from fall-competition/scholarship#1, and know that another one is in the mail. So for all of the costs spent on travel, etc.- I suppose it more than evens out when you DO win something.

Short 'n sweet. Just like me.

04 January, 2008

ease on down the road

Miracle of miracles- it's 2pm and I'm not sleeping in my bed! My goal for tonight is to try and stay up until 10:30pm...that way, even if I do fall asleep that early, the chances of me waking up at 2-3am are lower than they were last night (falling asleep at 9:30pm, waking up at 2, falling back asleep sometime around 5, and waking up at 8:30am).

I'm once again packing my life up into single servings, a suitcase for this week, audition clothes for next, passport, mini-toothpaste, etc.

The life of a wanderer is exciting, but it does make me appreciate what having a home means. And right now, what would be my home, is packed away in numerous boxes in storage. Most of which have not and will not be opened until I'm a 'real person' with a 'real apartment'. Some of which have been opened in a frantic frenzy, trying to find ONE piece of music that I know I sang in a concert in 2004 but have no idea which notebook or looseleaf pile of music it's hiding under.
And others still, which hold clothes that I probably last wore in grad school, and packed up into boxes or suitcases thinking I'd take them out next cold or warm season, and have now forgotten all about.

The year ahead is so far not as filled as I'd like it to be. Mostly because of the situation that I was in last year at this exact same time, having missed the audition season, and not known that I really needed to NOT miss it.
I have a number of auditions and competitions coming up, in the next few months, but nothing concrete performance-wise until May.

It's funny, because when I think back to this time last year, I had NO idea what was coming. That I wouldn't be plugging along as a resident artist, biding my time until breaking out, breaking through.
And now, here I am, and I've done quite well for myself this Fall Season. And now I'm just hoping that something falls in my lap for the summer and beyond.

I know where I'll be next January (in the WARMTH!, and singing a new role), but that's 2009. What about 2008?!!
I understand that this turned out to be the gap year/lag year because of the situation of auditions last year, but I still SO badly want to be doing something new and exciting.
Whether it's coaching all the time in the city and learning roles, preparing roles, etc or getting the opportunity to go abroad somewhere for a spring, summer or fall production.
I DO have to remember that the two roles that I sang this fall, I was only offered in MAY.
I'm impatient in some ways, but I also know how to go with the flow and that good things come to those who wait.
I'm not going to hound my manager and ask about feedback for every single audition I've sung. I do want to know what I can do better, and I trust them to tell me what they thought of the auditions- whether it was extraordinarily good or whether it wasn't my best.
I don't call every day asking whether so and so company is considering me.
Of course I WANT to know, but I figure, if it's a yes, I'll get the call when I get the call.
If it's a no, I won't hear.

I'm trying to be a bit more ZEN about this now that I've returned from Japan.
I'm on a need to know basis, and I can't rush any decisions, so I may as well work on improving myself and focusing inward until I get news of anything else.

(although that little girl in me still REALLY wants a golden egg NOW daddy).

03 January, 2008

i'm baaaack- with not much to say...

A. Japan was amazing. I love rice-balls.
B. I was offered a role the day I left and another the day I returned (today).
C. I am tired and suffering from jet-lag and therefore want to be asleep right now even though it's not even dinnertime.