29 July, 2008

suitcase results and a look ahead

I'm doing laundry one last time and beginning to pack for the trip home.
It shouldn't take a long time at all because after all, I came here with a carry-on sized suitcase (yes, for 20 days), and I also brought presents that have since been unloaded (and not replaced by too many purchases for myself).

The run-down on my packing skillzzz versus my wearing skillzzz, though, leaves something to be desired.

There are three 'fancy-ish'/hot shirts that I haven't worn here. That's because I haven't worn jeans except once--too hot. Always skirts or dresses.

There is one pair of sandals (well, classy flip-flops) that I just bought that went with two outfits that I brought here. Wore the sandals once-but it merited packing them because no other shoes went with those outfits.
Wore my black flip flops almost every day.
Wore my cute white ballet flats with the dresses that they went with.
Wore my sneakers ONLY on the plane.

Didn't wear khaki shorts. Eww..shorts. But they didn't take up any space, so it's ok.

Read one out of 2 books that I purchased at the airport on the way here...that's alright, the other one is still something I'm going to read (Rushdie), so I can lug it back.

Electronics: ipod got fair use on the plane and on the beach. macbook definitely got used due to free wireless at all times. Cell phone from the US- didn't need it at all, but I want to have it when I get back to the US and immediately want to check my messages.

Journal- I've been bad...let's just leave it at that. NO entries except from the flight OVER here! Oooops.

Score- ok, I DID look at the score...umm, 4 times I think. All the way through each time. Doesn't mean much, but it was worth taking with me if not just for the osmosis factor.

The results are in, and besides bringing those couple of shirts that I didn't wear, I'd say I did pretty well. Much better than last-opera where half of my suitcase (and no, it wasn't a carry on that time) went unworn due to unique weather circumstances beyond my control.

Vaycay is winding down, and although I never really want to leave here because it feels the closest to what I call home, I am ready for what is ahead.

A great audition season where I can concentrate on just that--and not running around nyc with multiple sets of keys and bags trying to figure out which friend's couch I'm crashing on that night--an exciting two shows that I'm preparing for after that, lessons, coachings, living in nyc for the first time :)

28 July, 2008


Is this the first audition of the upcoming season or the last audition of the last season?
Well, I'm going to say it's the first for the upcoming season so I can start out on a really positive note and stay on a roll.

I got to the theater early, met with the accompanist and even got to run through every piece (not full voiced singing or anything)..he needed a refresher on Zerbinetta and had NEVER played or seen or heard of Glitter. HHHWHAT? This country is weird.

Sang DurchZ first which went SOOO well. It's sweet, it's mozart. It shows high, and especially shows low. It shows breath control, it shows acting..in short, it's a keeper.

Then they chose Chacun le sait. Nailed the G, nailed everything else about the piece...in all, a short and sweet and VERY kick ass audition.

Was asked what I was up to this coming year, this past year, etc. etc.-- all in all, exactly what I wanted to do: present myself to a new opera house, sing an awesome audition, and hopefully have my name be in the back of their minds for casting of future seasons.

Five more days and then I'm back in the US and diving into the NYC move, figuring out the next 5 months in terms of side projects and upcoming audition schedules, and getting to enjoy a city that I've never lived in for long enough--and now I finally get the chance ;)

25 July, 2008

pre-audition coaching

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful coach yesterday. I haven't sung for her in quite while--actually, probably since I sang in her summer program 4 yrs. ago and then a few more coachings in NY, but I've run into her in the city every now and then.

I set this up as a pre-audition coaching..to get me back into the swing of things and prepare for Sunday's audition.

Things went really well. Easy warm up for about 15 minutes before the coaching, and then we were off.

DurchZ- lovely lines, lovely lovely lovely. Even from Middle, high, low, whatever. Who needs to write about what went well.
What to pay more attention to: Macht das (the low to high connection), Tagen (low to high with ease) Weicht- (Sharps and resolved note- sing higher in the note)

Oscar- Shows a nice middle after I've already sung high, so take out the interpolated D. Ok, I suppose I can part with it--even though I was allowed to do it in performance.
Differentiate notes more but keep legato every time I sing a B or A and back to B--basically the words Saper, Oscar, Pieno, Ma pur--etc.

Rosina- Suggested taking out the final high F and instead blooming on the C..ok, I have to think about that one because I really really really think that by the end she's so wound up and excited that it does merit the final high note--I'll consider it.
Take MORE time everytime I have the opportunity to do a 'laughing' coloratura run.

All in all, good feedback, encouraging and informative. Also asked when I'd be auditioning for the Met. zomg. haha. (soon?)

23 July, 2008

tanning and auditioning

Used up 2 spray bottles of spf at the beach over the past 3 days, and did some 'mental' practicing of my pieces.

Tomorrow a LITTLE more beach, followed by real practicing, followed by weekend family fun, followed by an audition.

It will be low key, I'm pretty sure. A hearing..just like last year. Since no specific rep. was mentioned I'll be bringing the hits.
Probably start with DurchZ maybe?
I started with Zerb last year and they requested V2 of Doll- both of which went well and got me through to the next level of an intl. competition.

Don't know who the pianist will be yet (still trying to set that up)...so I'm not going to risk the Zerb unless they are more than comfortable with it.

And who can complain with a Mozart piece that shows everything that needs to be shown?
Then the question is, what do I add for French? Chacun/Fee/Olympia? Certainly not the lengthy Lakme.

Of course English is English, and the question with Italian is whether to use another young/character piece like Oscar, or to use a leading role piece like Rosina or Norina or Linda.

I'll probably have 4 choices of rep. sheets and decide within a minute of entering the room, but what else is new?

19 July, 2008

fruits and veggies and music

It's so yummy to be in a place surrounded by fruits and veggies that were grown just a few miles away from where I'm staying.
Everything here tastes crisp and fresh and sweet and delicious.

I've pretty much been musically useless so far- no translating going on, but I tote my score to the beach pretending that I'll look at it. Sometimes I flip through it. Sometimes I brush the sand off of it.

I still have plenty of time, of course, but reading light summer beach novels is so much more appealing that memorizing two Rossini Act finales.

17 July, 2008

jet lagged but i don't care

because I just spent a glorious morning and early afternoon on a white sandy beach with cool green-blue water reflecting the sun's perfect rays!

Ok, before I forget, next time you travel internationally, fly continental's new jets!
Because I had 337 (and that is not an approximate number) movies to choose from ON DEMAND in the tv screen in front of me.
New releases, classics, tv shows, drama, comedy, kids, you name it--it was there.
The bbc version of Pride and Prejudice--YES.
Aladdin- YES.
Meet me in St. Louis- YES.

And I could start whenever I wanted, pause while I was readjusting my pillow or my cramped leg position, and exit to another movie if I was bored.

And thanks to the small children sitting behind me and kicking the back of my seat (accidentally, but enough times to be annoying), I didn't get any sleep on the 11 hour flight--SO I watched 5 movies straight and then one episode of 30Rock.

Also, in case you were wondering where to get a red white and blue salt and pepper shaker, don't miss out on Newark airport's store called " AMERICA ! "
Yes, it's called America. with an exclamation point.

And it has everything and anything patriotic, flag-painted, and star spangled that you can imagine.

I walked by, laughed out loud, and then took out my journal and simply wrote:
Jul.14: America!

14 July, 2008


Leaving on a jet plane this afternoon.

I'm sure I'll continue to be bloggy--just not in the immediate 48 hours or so.


(that verb tense is the German informal imperative (you) form).

13 July, 2008

that's how it's done

Last night I went to see Barbiere at Caramoor Music Festival--my last musical event before leaving the country (unless I decide to practice today which is doubtful because I got home at 2am and am exhausted right now).
I was supposed to see a certain tenor that I know performing the role of Almaviva, but unfortunately, he was rushed to the ER and OR in the past 3 days (he's totally fine now, just can't move around that easily), and another acquaintance of mine was flown in to take over the role. In 2 days. One tech, one dress, and the performance.
Oh yea, and with completely new coloratura, cadenzas, and NO CUTS.

Listening to the show and comparing it to the 2 Barbiere's I've seen, the 2 I've sung in, and the numerous ones I've heard and seen on DC or DVD, this was completely amazing.
The fioratura and coloratura on 2nd verses, the interesting V-I resolutions, the appogia's...all wowed, and made it seem like a completely new and exciting piece that I'd never heard, because I had NO idea what was going to come out of their mouths.

Everyone was to be congratulated, but above all, to see someone step in like that at the last minute was really to see professionalism and talent at its best.

I'm glad I got to experience the excitement for the evening.

Now, off to pack for REALzzz...that means not just the clothes but the .001 ounces of everything, the music choices, the book choices, the BAG choices (that alone could take an hour to figure out).

And oh yes, this has officially turned into me killing two birds with one stone, as I sent an 'update' email to a certain official at the Opera from whom I have sung before at another venue, and they are hearing me again this year.

Can you say tax write off on the flight? OH YEA!

12 July, 2008

things i would do...

if I had a new iphone right now:

Turn off the computer and wait for some email--could be facebook wall post or whatev..but getting an email on it would be cool.

Program in funny pictures for everyone in my contact list--funny meaning, many performance pictures and silly things taken from ...facebook.

Update my status..on facebook.

Play Scrabulous...on facebook.

Set my phone alarm. (I assume it has on of these).

Text or IM. And let me tell you, I am NOT a texting/IM kind of girl. Maybe a little gchat every now and then..but I don't think I've 'signed on' to ichat in months.

But I didn't stand in the lines, and I will just have to be patient until I return in August.
The best is yet to come, and babe won't it be fine...

10 July, 2008


Four more days until I leave!
What does that mean I have done so far?
Half unpacked, half packed, thumbed through music and debated whether I want to take it with me, mostly watched Law and Order, mostly been in denial about possibly having to check a bag (too many cute outfits from BabyGap for the little ones).

Yesterday at the mall (I'm ok with buying things for other people, so I spent an hour and a half at the Gap buying 7 outfits for the kids), I suddenly felt the urge to visit all of the teenybopper stores that I used to shop at..like Wet Seal, Forever21, etc. etc.- cheap clothes, poorly made, last one or two seasons, very trendy and at the moment and all under $15 or so.

I had all this stuff in my hands that I wanted to buy--cute summer dresses, some tanks, short shorts...and then I put it all back. Yep, that's how I roll. If I can't convince myself that I need it so badly, I won't buy it. (note- this does NOT happen with gowns or fancy dresses). So- good for my credit card, bad for the economy and my general summer ensembles.

Still, I'm assuming that a majority of the upcoming 20 or so days I'll be in a bathing suit and whatever cover up from the sun I take with me.

Things I'm pining after that I probably won't have before I leave:
A Canon digital rebel Xt. (that's nothing new--I've wanted one for a while now)

An iphone! But listen to this insanity-- I have a number from a certain 'region' (where I went to undergrad and had my first cell phone), in which I no longer live. IF I buy a phone in the "NY" region, they will NOT be able to port my number. IF I drive 4 hours to my 'home' region, they can port my number.

What is up with THAT?
I am most certainly NOT changing my cell number (although I'm slightly tempted to do so and just see how many people that are on it right now I would actually transfer into the new phone).
Do I give up the best Boston number ever just to have a phone before I leave?

Decisions, decisions.

09 July, 2008

closing night

Our final performance was on Monday night, bringing an end to my almost 4 weeks here. We have certainly been busy, and I have had a lot of fun.
The performance was great again. The temperature rose about 20 degrees from opening night's breezy/showers outside, so we all walked into the theater already baking, but we kept the energy high, and the show was another success.

At the cast/company party afterward we all said our goodbyes, then a majority of the cast continued to hang out until 4:30am, and then I woke up at 8:30am to leave!

One 8 hour drive later and I'm back to unpack, repack, and get everything organized for my upcoming vacation in the sand and sun (with a Red Sox hat on and plenty of sunscreen).

I'm attempting to pack for 20 days in a carry-on in addition to bringing 8 outfits from BabyGap and GapKids for the little ones abroad. I think it can be done.

07 July, 2008

it's the day of the show (again) y'all

Ok, so it's almost 2am and the show is today at 7:30, but still.
I had a relaxing weekend.
Today it's back to business with a recit brush up before the performance begins.
I've been doing laundry and repacking. Not the fun parts of the day, but at least this time I get to repack for my next destination--a vacation!

Not that I really need one--work is fun!

I'll spend the next 20ish days doing some singing, some new-music learning, a lot of family visiting, friends visiting, and hanging out by the beach!

But first, one more show as the red-headed saucy maid.

04 July, 2008

i heart my job

Sometimes I can't believe that I get paid to do this.
To have so so so much fun onstage.
To create a new person up there for three hours and approximately 20 minutes.
It's SO amazing, and I am very thankful that I get to do something in life that makes me happy and excited, but also work hard for it and feel like I'm earning it.

Of course, I'd do it all for free too (shh, don't tell)...but the fact that I can call this my job is [in a french accent]: supercool.

01 July, 2008

piano dress

Made it through this time!
We had to stop for scene changes and quick change problems a few times..but otherwise things went smoothly. (MY quick changes were fine--EVEN with a brand new costume--they didn't like the first dress--and may I just say, HOORAY for cleavage!)
Tomorrow is orch. dress and we open on Thursday (no dark day--cuz that's just how we roll--plus it's the 4th of July weekend--and seriously, who is coming to see an opera instead of going to see the fireworks?).
I went into tonight actually pretty moody due to 2 things that were on my mind about my character and my performance, that for my personal best--I felt like I needed to do better.
I was proactive about making sure I was fixing them and getting the right feedback from the right people about whether the change made a difference in character, voice, etc.
It did, I get it...got it...good.