13 February, 2006

5 Feb. "decent"

05 February 2006 @ 12:15 am
My singing was "decent" according to one reviewer who must have been under the influence of some sort of drugs when reviewing our production. I find it amusing. Other people, like the conductor, are really pissed at her. She often has no idea what she is talking about, as she is the "entertainment" editor and frequents bars and restaurants more often than the opera.

Well, she said we broke the fourth wall with the orchestra..hm..she also found the trial scenes a bit too long and joked that the leads should have just gotten together and gone to vegas to get it over with.

Amazing. Welcome to journalistic mediocrity.

Well, if I had to get a bad review at least I'm glad it's from a no-name paper that has no idea what they're talking about...since I was the only one "brava-ed" after my arias.

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