13 February, 2006

23 Dec. the Bizness of Singing Part One

23 December 2005 @ 06:23 pm
The business of this business (part one)
At my residency program I'm lovingly referred to as manager to a few of the singers. I just know how to keep all of my crap together, don't mind sharing databases, consulting on head shots, resumes, recommendation letters (which they had to write for themselves!), and cover letters, especially cover letters. I suppose I just don't have any qualms or guilt about just emailing back a company if they email me either. In a nice manner, to get what I want.
Some singers just have not gotten it through their heads that this is possible. That they shouldn't be cowering in a corner licking the toes of any company that decides to wave the magic wand and say- poof! you're granted an audition, but not on the day you requested- and then the singer feels really weird/nervous/bad/impossible about just emailing them back and asking to switch. Or anything else that requires actual contact verbally or through email with a company or the coordinator.

First of all, know that you will not speak to the director of the company. They will not remember your name or who you are (if it's a phone call), and the audition coordinator will not scratch your name off of some list if you call and politely ask if there have been any cancellations so YOU can sing at the audition.

I just did this during the season- at a summer program that I was really hoping to get an audition at because I had specifically learned a piece of "new" music from their repertoire for the season that I KNEW no one else besides two people in the US had even looked at before. I didn't get an audition - it turns out- because they thought I still lived in Boston! And the Boston auditions were filled. Well, after clearing up that situation, yes, they had room for me and could even work with my dates.
No harm done. No one had a heart attack because I happened to ask nicely for an audition spot. No one immediately told me that "no, how could you even THINK of asking to have an audition here after we rejected you (for the wrong reasons?!) for the season".

In addition to nfcs, I have to thank Laura Claycomb and Cindy Sadler for their amazing websites devoted to the questions, fears, and career advice for young artists. Cindy just came out with an amazing book about it, but just from her FAQ section you can pretty much tell she knows how to guide you and advise you in this career.

What I would like to write about is a little different than that though. It would be a little more realistic/cynical but also have real information just like the other two websites.
To be continued, because dinner is being served

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