13 February, 2006


28 November 2005 @ 06:26 pm
more auditions
Last night I had my third audition for the season for a year-round-pretty-big-named-warm-weather young artist program.
I sang my normal starter- Chacun, after which the kind gentleman said "oh, I've never heard that cut before". Well, I wasn't witty enough on the spot to come up with anything to say, but later I thought- hello? Your company is putting this opera on in less than a month. Are you not aware that the"cut" I took is actually directly from the score, instead of the improperly supplied cadenza in the aria books that all of the other sopranos use?
Of course I wouldn't have said that even HAD I thought of something to say.
They asked for Abduction next, and seemed to be pleased with my resume and typing away and taking notes.

What I don't get anymore is a panel that talks to you. Maybe they don't have time. Maybe it's just my imagination, but 2 years ago I really thought that I got a few more comments than I am getting now. Maybe, actually, it's just from this summer, where every time we had a mock audition or a panel come to our midwestern town for the 40 singers, they always spoke with us during our audition times.

I feel fine about the performance. It was the first day the panel was hearing people, and they had actually posted a list of those who were granted auditions online! It's a link to a word document with everyone's name and audition location and date.
Great Googling material for a lonely and cold Monday Night.

I didn't see any coloraturas that I knew on the list. That doesn't mean anything, but at least the 5-10 that I do know aren't auditioning. Even though that shouldn't have any impact on my personal performance, it makes me feel a BIT better to know that of the already-amazing-coloratura-sopranos out there that I KNOW, I'm the only one on that list.

Pathetic, yes.
Something to grasp at until the dreaded rejection or the heralded call-back arrives via snail or email, Yes.

-hiiiiiigh G.

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