13 February, 2006

4 Feb. Le Show

04 February 2006 @ 11:41 am
le show
Well, well, well.
I could even eat last night before the performance.
I wasn't feeling that anxious, having convinced myself that I've already experienced the maximum trauma allotted for this role.
My heart beat a bit faster as i pulled my costume around my knees and sat on the lift ready to be hoisted up 13 feet and command the stage.
But I calmed myself down and did it.

It was better than good. This may be one of the few performances that I'm ever happy with my voice and acting in. Really. I usually don't think something is my "best" at a show. I think it's fine, better than others, better than me on a regular basis, but still perhaps not the "best". But this was very very close and almost there I think.

In my lesson yesterday which was a short warm-up for the show we yet again delved into my crazy voices-
what's that?
My M/T voice down low.
what's that?
My renee fleming opera voice.
what's that?
My impersonation of my own opera voice.
what's that?
I guess me feeling nothing.
That sounded the best.
I heard nothing. I can't hear myself and I sound small.
(laugher from coach/teacher)- that was it. Do it. Keep it.

So I started "smiling" into my singing. This apparently kept some sort of tingling sensation in my nose (although I couldn't feel it), but kept it open. ALthough I was thinking more about singing like a coloratura soprano taught me this summer- with the feeling that you have a cold and you CAN"T sing through your nose.
Somehow that opened UP my nose and started the vibrating going, without sounding nasal though.

So now I'm smiling in the mid-back mouth, know that the soft palate is raised, know that the resonance is working behind the nose and in it as well, and using my throat less and my breath more.

OK then!
The conductor even noticed a difference and after the show came up to me and said it was excellent, and he even thought I was Mic-ed up there!
Wow. I think I'll stick to this one for a while.

The show was great.
Onward and upward for the next three.

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