13 February, 2006

8 Feb. Breaking the News

08 February 2006 @ 02:47 pm
breaking the news
I did it last night- on the phone, and also one email was written.
I figured it was the best time if any, after a successful run of the show, with nothing ahead besides my graduate recital, and no big performances that I can or can't get cast for. So I called up teacher/director and spoke with him on the phone. They were in the car so I'm was assuming the not overly stunned reaction was due to traffic getting into the city or something. Then I got a voicemail a few hours later saying how proud he was of me and how happy he was for me, after the initial shock that I wouldn't be here next year.

I am trying to revamp my website with new links, pictures, and updated everything. I am usually good at this, but the html is proving just beyong my means of understanding for what I want to do---"hey brother" (a la arrested development voice).

I know it will be sad leaving here. After all, I've had four mainstage opportunities that I would not have gotten anywhere else- school, program, or studying by myself and paying NY opera performance forums to put on these shows.
I have a real resume now, am getting real opportunities as seen by my summer resume and engagements next year.
The coaches that I have here ARE really good. They are always trying to make me better, find my voice, sing it, perform it, and they really believe that I'm going somewhere- maybe just not so soon :)

My next question is, if I've signed a contract to do something with some company, but that company has still not released their season which includes that something, am I still allowed to email/write about it in blog, website, contacting and networking stuff?

To be determined.

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