13 February, 2006

26 Jan. "Coaching"

26 January 2006 @ 02:04 pm
Sometimes you get to coach with really amazing people in this business. People that know the in's and out's of your repertoire, know how to play it, know how to get out of YOU what needs to be evoked and pulled and learned from the song, aria, role, whatever.

Sometimes, you're just going through something because you need to do it with a pianist for a recital.

I had one of the latter coachings today. It was to set tempi, see a pianist/coach floundering through music for the first time (granted it was a concert aria that was tough), trying to figure out how we'll be a pair together on this repertoire.
Kind of boring, but needs to be done, as I prepare for this recital.

That's not actually what was wrong or bad. What did not feel great (in addition to my slowly recovering voice from whatever allergy or cold I had), was the added stress and pressure by someone who does not know the music as well as you, and feels like the only way this recital is going to happen is if we preview a few sets before the date, meet a trillion times, talk about how "this will be great. I'm not worried. yea, sounds good. It'll be ok. I'm sure. Right? You'll be prepared. We'll be fine"...WHAT?
Can you just please be quiet and play the right notes on the piano?

If I could, I WOULD, but I kinda have to concentrate on memorizig the German words, ok???

I have a date. It's in 5 weeks. I have a set and a half to learn, and 3 and a half to "polish"/remember that I once sang well and pull out again.
I'll BE FINE if you just stopped bombarding me with questions like when can we present the German set before the recital so we're comfortable with it?! I'll BE comfortable with it...by then!


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