13 February, 2006

12 Jan. Fake Sugar

12 January 2006 @ 11:12 pm
fake sugar
Yoplait, why do the commercials say that you are so healthy? Why are there 20 something women eating your yoghurt on the TV and a lovely feminine voice telling me that three servings of you a day gives me the calcium, nutrients and other vitamins that I need daily.
Yoplait, I bought you. Six cases of you. Vanilla flavour- my favorite.

First of all, you are shaped really weird and I can't fit a tablespoon inside the container. Is that some kind of sign that I should only be eating you slowly and savoring the moment with my little teaspoon?

Also, your nutritional value stinks and so do your ingredients!
The THIRD ingredient is high fructose corn syrup! And then we have some natural flavours and extracts, but still!
Should I have bought all natural yoghurt? Am I spelling yoguhrt/yoghurt correctly?

Yoplait (light)/fat free, you make me sad because I thought I was doing something good for myself and you with your 1/3 fewer calories than regular lowfat yogurts has disappointed me. Because you have aspartame and other sweeteners and added vitamins that aren't there regularly!

And what is with the sodium level?

I don't reguarly read the yogurt container, but since I couldn't fit my SPOON in I ended up looking at the back of the conical container. Is there a back of a conical container?

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