31 May, 2007

300th post and a new diagnosis

Could I possibly have allergies?????

Ok, I thought when my throat was itching and burning, I was blowing my nose every two seconds, and had all KINDS of colors of phlegm plus a low-grade fever that it was Strep or a virus. Well that test was negative 2 wks ago but I changed my climate, stayed inside for a few days with soup and rest, and then things were seemingly better.
Now I'm once again in new environs, I'm stuffy yet blowing the nose all the time again, throat itches and burns, redness, but no swelling of nodes or tonsils or anything that would raise alarm at all...

And I feel sneezy.

Allergies? Really? Will taking some drying pill really make this all go away?
Please say yes, because the beach wasn't fun when it hurt to swallow while watching the surf this morning.

30 May, 2007

audition..and what the..

I sang for home-land opera today- Zerbie, Durchz(v.1) and doll(v.2).
There were 2 other singers there who only sang 2 full pieces each. The bass-bari sounded good, and, of course, was studying in America, and the other sop. began with the Queen's first aria which was REALLY under tempo and really shaky. I mean-- if you can't hit that last F except for a little squeak that you hope comes out, WHY would you start with this piece? Or sing it at all?
Very interesting.

This 2nd singer, actually, is a girl that I sang with in a program 5 years ago. I recognized her, said hello, and we caught up in the few minutes before the audition.
She lives in Berlin, along with many other singers from here, and is trying to get by. Not sure she has jobs all the time, or anything like that- we didn't get to talking about that, but we all try to come back "home" and see if the hometeam will consider us, hire us, so that we can be with our family in the place that we love.

So. The singing went fine even though I'm most certainly NOT over Jetlag. I fell asleep at 11, woke up at 1, parched, fell asleep at 2, woke up at 5, and stayed up pretty much until I got out of bed at 9:30 to get ready for the day.
Also (the ...and what the... section of the title) I'm weirdly sick again with the same thing from 2 weeks ago. I had a fever last night, my throat is itchy, I can't even describe what I'm coughing up, and through it all- I can still sing fine.
It doesn't FEEL so good after I'm finished (which is why I'm resting in bed right now instead of at the beach), but the singing is still there, the high G's are still popping out, and the low E's are fine as well.
Hope nothing's really wrong because I'm not about to go see a Dr. on my vacay.

Oh, about the audition...I had a pianist who would absolutely not take my tempi. I mean, I asked him in the 5 min. rehearsal to take the Zerbie a bit faster than he was playing it, and he said he'd follow me. So I keep singing again, and he's still stuck. I speed up, and he doesn't go along and then I'm ahead.
UGH. So I had to do everything a bit slower today, INCLUDING DurchZ (how can I do my cool 'one breath' thing when it's so slow? I CAN"T!), and the Doll (LORD if those cadenzas in the 2nd verse weren't so easy for me to do because I'm used to being on roller skates or tethered in a gold outfit doing some craziness--I don't know how I would have gotten through with that tempo).

But again, it all went fine--because I knew he wouldn't speed up, I didn't freak, and I just went with it- with as much energy and support as possible.
And it was really good.

The Zerbie in particular is what I love beginning with now. From So War--otherwise it's too long.
But I can really get into it even though it's in the middle of the piece.
The only problem with it is that 3 times now I've been asked to sing DurchZ afterwards, and it's two octaves lower singing! And that is not the easiest.
The line of Mozart comes out great after the Strauss, it's just that dropping down that much after hanging out on high E's is a bit tricky. I am getting more used to it and preparing that way- warming up really high and then sustaining low E's and seeing how it feels.
It's "fine", but probably not as good as if Durch Z were my starter. But then they'd NEVER ask for Zerbie.

Oh, and it's official. An "agented" long distance audition has landed me an AWESOME gig next year in a "cool" place :)

28 May, 2007

hello from the motherland

I've arrived and it's sunny and perfect.
Despite arriving two hours late due to lack of busses to transport people from the gate to the airplane in Frankfurt, I got here, my suitcases got here, and now I get to see my family, see friends, go to the beach, learn some music and some Geramn, and basically enjoy myself for the next month (with an audition or two thrown in the mix if possible).

First one is in two days and I'm feeling "post-airplane"-esque, meaning I need to down water, not talk that much, and maybe not break into the awesome-ness that IS hummus in this country...YET....and try and be good to my throat for two more days before splurging on my native land's finest gastronomic delights.

I don't have very much access to email (people aren't wi-fi happy here), but surprisingly my PHONE can send text messages! (Wonder how much THAT costs!), and I'll be getting a local cellphone today so that my family can keep tabs on me!

Ciao for now.
Going to sit outside in the beautiful weather.

25 May, 2007

worst travel weekend ever

...and I have had 4 flights scheduled.
The first one (Wed night) was on time, lovely, and the flight attendant even sang for us (yes, it was on Southwest).
The second one (Today) was HORRIBLE. United at O'Hare. Supposed to leave first at 4, then delayed until 5:15, 6:30, 7:45, 8:45 and finally we get a plane at 10:30, and then they take off the "delay time" indefinitely because there is not a FULL CREW to take me back home!
Meanwhile there are THREE flight attendants who are just..flying..that flight..meaning, they're off duty or something, or they worked their max. hours...and they can't do anything.

Then I'm on the plane sitting next to a lady who must have just eaten some sort of meat sandwich because that's all I smelled for the entire flight, and behind me are three kids who think it's awesome to grab the top of my seat (inadvertantly pulling my hair) and then slam their playing cards on the tray table (rendering me unable to sleep at all).
There's a baby one aisle away whose mom is letting her climb all over the seats (inappropriate-the flight is full. sit your kid down- we don't need to have drool dripping from her mouth to the front of our chair), there's a guy who is separated from his fiancee and keeps asking his neighbor to get up so he can walk up 2 rows and make sure she's ok and talk to her, there's some other shrieking kids nearby (people--seriously. When I was a kid, if we made noise it was g'bye public place--restaurants, whatever..so we learned NOT to make noise and we were civilized children!!!)

So finally at 10:45 we get in the air. 2 hrs and a 1.5hr car ride later, I'm back and it's 3am almost.

Saturday I have to take a TRAIN for 3.5 hours into the city, then get on international flight number one, then get on international flight number two, before reaching my destination.

Hope it's not horrible.
ALSO- what is up with pilots somehow getting worse at decompressing the airpressure on the plane?
It seems like you're landing for 45 minutes! I mean, you ARE, but they can decompress better and my ears wouldn't be freaking with pain and not able to pop no matter how much I yawn or chew.

I think the thing I hated most what that I couldn't control any of it.
As soon as I arrived at 2 I really thought- ok, one delay. Next.
Then at 6 I started to think otherwise. But I had no computer. No way to see if any other airline was flying back here. No way to book a "for emergency" ticket on Southwest tomorrow morning (from the only acceptable airport in Chicago- MIDWAY!)...

So what is the lesson? Never leave my laptop at home even if I think it's too heavy to carry around with me in the city and schlep in my shoulder bag that really should be a backpack because I mess up my neck every time I carry things that are too heavy.

Now I'm not even tired and it's 3am.

20 May, 2007

ah, 'twas not to be...harsh necessity

brought me to this gilded...bed...

Yes, I got the weird NYC allergy/throat thing from the horrid weather. Over the past two days I've had fevers, chills, sore throat, coughing, one second I'm freezing then I'm overheating.

So I had to forego the third leg of my competition trip--to the midwest via the west of midwest, however--- I am feeling MUCH better today (and even feeling a little badly because I bet I COULD have sung just fine tomorrow..but today's plane ride would have been hell if I had gone), but no. I needed to cancel. It was the better choice. Better than waking up at 4am this morning, still kind of sick, getting on two planes, and competing tomorrow.
I will STILL be singing in OTHER-midwest-city competition on Thursday (flying there Wednesday), and in the meantime, be eating chicken soup and tea for two days to get 100% awesome...

Weirdly enough throughout the 2 days my voice never felt crappy. I felt like I could sing through it all (which I always can), but it's just not worth the risk. The what if..
The...oh my lord are my vocal cords bleeding into my mouth right now...
and the...oh if I only had insurance to get scoped right now what I wouldn't give for a visit to the otolaryngologist.

In FUN healthcare news, I did go to the ER in brooklyn yesterday JUST to make sure that I didn't have strep (and according to the speedy 3 min. test, I don't). They saw me in less than 45 minutes, I cleared it with my crappy Blue Cross insurance, so it was allowed "out of state", and I'm hoping not to get a gigantic bill in a while.

I am SO not the type to go the ER, but that's how bad it was yesterday. Fever, aches, weirdness, etc.
500mg of Amoxicillin and tylenol later and I'm feeling better and not feverish. Throat is still a bit sore, but much of the actual pain is gone.

Ok, in revision-of-this-blog reading, do some words sometimes really look wrong to you?
Right now I'm looking at the word don't, which in the first typing I forgot the ' in, and it just looked so RIGHT without it.
I mean...dont.
dont- it doesn't even SOUND like it looks, or looks like it should sound. Do not. Dooo naught.

Ok, this tangent may actually mean I should continue to rest and not do any heavy lifting or operating of vehicles.

18 May, 2007

295th post

I know, it's not as important as 300, but it seems that I'll be away from my computer for the next few days--more competitions, more flights to the middle of nowhere via the middle of nowhere but a little bit south and west of there, and then leaving on a real big jet plain.
The trade winds did not change today. I sang like a champ, but alas, no finals for the competitions. Oh well. I have two more chances in the next week.
Today for the first time in almost 9 months I actually felt sick in my throat towards the end of the day. It was SICK out in NYC today. I mean, really. Freezing. Cold. Windy, Rainy. And did I mention freezing-and the only jacket I had was my thin black hoodie (well, that's not true. I bought a cute white rain jacket yesterday but for fashion's sake...it wouldn't go with my cute shoes this morning...so I didn't wear it...big mistake).

6 hours of wandering around the lower east side, union sq., the village, and hitting Magnolia bakery, I was NOT feeling swell.
I actually raided a RiteAide for their chloraseptic losenges, pectin drops, and theraflu (that stuff makes me so crazy tired though). I feel MUCH better now, and weirdly enough even though it feels like there is shrapnel of glass shards IN my lower throat, my singing voice and speaking voice feel fine and I CAN sing and speak just fine too.
I'm not stuffy. No other symptoms except weird throat burning upon consuming anything to drink and trying to swallow. Ouch. But it's better after the theraflu, the drops, and the water-downing of earlier this evening (when I was a bit more concerned about it).

So I'm going to SLEEP now. yes, on a friday night. in nyc. when I should be out having fun with friends from last summer, past summers, and current/previous-program.
And I'll sleep for as long as my phone doesn't ring tomorrow.
And then take it easy and get ready for my next trip out of here, early early Sunday morning.

So I don't know where or when the next entry may be. Could be tomorrow when I'm bored and have some magical thoughts on life and career. Could be from a different state next week, or a different country after next Saturday.

eggs in a basket

Today is a really good reminder of what the rest of the audition season is like.
Sing well at a competition. And I mean really well. Hear comments as I'm walking out like ...wow, etc. true French leggiero soprano, etc. bla bla bla high note..etc..
And then no callback call to the competition. Well, tonight that is. I would HOPE that they don't call me tomorrow and tell me.
So it's not like I'm waiting by the phone all night to see if they'll call, it's not like I haven't checked nfcs and seen that no one from today has received a yes/no call yet, it's not like I'm not getting on with my evening/night, having dinner with a friend, catching up on old times, and enjoying myself, but there is that little cringe of "what the F, people"-- you know I sang well and kicked the aria's butt, and you don't call? YOUR bad! hahahahahah!

So it's fine. Onward to the next competition time slot- tomorrow in the early am, meaning I'm waking up at 7:30. Yuck.

You can never put all of your eggs in one basket with these competitions. Who are the adjudicators anyway? Old peeps who have an idea of what beautiful music is, or are reminded of their favorite boyhood aria, una furtiva lagrima, and the other famous Italian hits.
That's ok. I'm just here to make my money back--and so far I've only spent about 100 on dinners, drinks and a lunch, and some fresh pineapple.

So maybe tomorrow will bring new trade winds of luck/competition winnings my way.

15 May, 2007

22 hours later

And I'm home sweet home.
Driving alone across the country is NOT fun.
Especially when you can't see out your rearview mirror because your car is so filled with your life for the past year or more, and the blankets, books, files, and george foreman's are infringing on your personal space!

Things I did in the car to not fall asleep:
1. Listened to musicals, because normal cd's were too "predictable", even on shuffle- since I knew every song and zoned out when it came on. For some reason, even though I knew every word to Joseph, Chorus Line, Fame, Chicago, Guys and Dolls- it kept me more active to listen to an hour's worth of a story rather than song after song. Except on the Eminem CD. That was amusing and I hadn't listened to it for at least 2 years (a last-minute find in the glove compartment of the car).
2. Gatorade, M&Ms, Spicy Doritos, and an occasional Nutri-Grain bar. This was NOT a leisure trip people. I had a day and a half to drive 1500 miles. Only gas and bathroom breaks allowed--every 5.5 hours when the gas got low.
3. Going through words to operas I've sung in my head (this is when I was REALLY tired and hoping I wouldn't drive off of the road!)
4. Calling people! (Until the first night my cellphone died in the car, and when I couldn't talk legally on the phone in New York State because it's not hands-free).

I'm here, I have one day to rest, get my competition dress drycleaned and get me to nyc.

And then more flights, and then more flights, and then here again, and then mother-land for a huge relaxing month of nothing but the beach, family, and friends.

surprises and almost home

Packed up, moved out, movin' on---with one pit stop at last-year-yap to say hello first, and then unloading my life from my car for the past year tomorrow, turning around and continuing right on with competitions, auditions, and my career for the next year.

This past week I had one bad thing happen, and then waited for the next 2--as bad things come in 3. First one personal, second two other life and music-related...not really "bad" just seem to be not the news or the "no news" rather than good news that I wanted.
Then I had one good thing happen, had a 2nd great thing happen, and today a third amaaaazing thing happened.
First two in my personal relationship, last one musical ===and regarding singing a role that I need and want to add to my repertoire in one of the coolest places I could think of ...
:) no more for now. Not until there is an official thing with my signature on it.

So what does that go to show? Well, first off who cares if bad or good things happen in one twos or threes...it's part of life, get over it, give it the time it needs for you to deal with it and move on to the next thing.

I'm approaching this week with an open mind, a clear head and throat (barring any allergies or post-season "time to get sick because I'm winding down" illness), and much anticipation of the great things to come.

And that feels so much better than feeling concerned and stressed about now, next year, or anything else.

11 May, 2007

unofficially no?

The rumor mill continues regarding whether any of the resident artists who sang previous-audition will be receiving a letter or phone call informing them that they are in the semi's of the competition to get into the program.
Two singers (mezzo and baritone) have heard from someone in the room that they were really liked and may receive a call.
No other news on any of the rest of us.

I will write head-of-the-program for feedback within the next days..actually, probably tonight-- and also I have been invited to email for further information regarding my audition since it was so repertoire-specific.

Spent most of the day packing more seriously, going to the post office and sending huge boxes of cd's, books and winter jackets (cost me 60 bucks for 3 boxes weighing 80 pounds in total), and really getting everything I own together.

Except scores I may need, and the whole mess of "papers" for all of the upcoming competitions, auditions, German auditions, things in translation...and life.


09 May, 2007

important audition

I had an important audition today for the head of a program that I would love love love to be in, in a city that I would love love love to live in, that is doing rep in 08-09 that I would love love love to cover.

I was also singing an aria for the head of this program, that was from a role that she made famous during her career as a singer.
I started with it on purpose and because it really IS my favorite thing to sing.

It's long, AND she asked me to start from the 2nd section (not the usual 3rd section), which was GREAT! I got to sing some line and then all of the fireworks.


So. That went well. And our AD commented that it was the best he's ever seen me act. And how much I've grown from the beginning of the year. It was a nuanced performance that was really great.

Then they asked for Durch Z, (another German!) which I would have agreed that they would pick not only because of the upcoming rep but also because it's short, and other than Oscar, nothing else was short on my list.

Durch is HARD after Aria number one. I sang it WELL except for ONE note. the LOW E. I mean, really people, I've just sung notes two octaves above that low E. And to hold it and make it pretty was really a challenge. So it was "pitchy" I get that. But maybe I still pulled the rest of it off enough to impress and maybe maybe maybe get into a program that I think I'll love love love :)

08 May, 2007

what is the difference...

5 minutes ago this was a longer post about my personal life.
It doesn't belong here, as I would rather blog about music, my career, and things that are amusing and relevant in my pursuit of my "happiness"- an operatic career onstage.

So it's gone now, and my thoughts will be better spent written in an actually diary using a (gasp) pen, and maybe in an email to my best friend.

07 May, 2007

the first g'bye

This afternoon (well, morning for me), I had lunch with one of my current-state friends. We met at my first donor-benefit concert for current-opera-company, and then she invited me to the high holidays with her family (9 month old son, husband, and his parents). We have kept in touch, she's come to see two of my performances, and now that the season is almost over it was time to meet again for a goodbye.
She brought her beautiful son with her, and we talked about kids, marriage, career, travels, future...a very nice conversation with a very real and down to earth person who believes things happen for a reason and that you can find your own happiness if you want to.

It left me feeling uplifted, excited for my future whatever it may hold, and also always wanting to remember that in this world of crazy singer's lives, what feels like constant drama with singing, divas, authority figures, scandals, rumors, and everything else catty about this business, in this world....you can still find happiness, peace, joy in yourself and your craft, and share things with new and other people that will excite and enliven your mind and spirit.

What's in store for the rest of the day?
Packing (for real), photocopying music to take with me for the summer, and general tying of of loose ends around here.
Maybe even clearing out the winshield washing fluid, character shoes, blankets, and old programs from the summer out of my trunk and starting to fill it with all of my packed things!!!

06 May, 2007

it was the day of the show y'all ;)

Ok, so after lolling around on my blankets for much of the rest of the afternoon, I got a second (or first) wind around 7pm, went to Target to buy some show gifts and cards for the principals, and then showed up for my call time at 8:15 after stopping for a quick bite.

The show was great. I mean, can you really go wrong with Mozart? No.
Actually, it's funny, but while I was picking up my sandwich I heard the overture on the radio at exactly the same time when it would have been starting in the house and thought to myself--wow, we're live on some station tonight?! Cool!
But then there was no clapping and it didn't go into "cinque...venti...trenta..." so I realized, alas, it was just a good pre-show vibe and got me in the mood to really be in the show tonight.

I'm back, feeling relaxed and hoping I can get a good night's sleep tonight to do it all again tomorrow!

05 May, 2007

one of those nights

Couldn't get to sleep before 3am. Woke up at 5, 5:30, 6, 6:30, 7, 8, 8:30, 9, and my alarm was supposed to ring at 9:30 so that I could get up and get off of my mattress which is being picked up today by the person who bought it.

I feel like I got hit by a truck. And I have to sing a show tonight.
Who knows what I'll be doing shortly after my furniture is picked up at 10?

That's right. Going back to sleep on my FLOOR in my blankets.

still packing and almost furniture-less

Yes, tomorrow at 10am is the moment I must waive goodbye to the most comfortable bed I ever had, Ikea Malm full-sized AWESOME innerspring mattress in light birch.
I'll be sleeping on a sleeping bag and comforter for a week, or maybe the couch cushions if that's too uncomfortable...or a borrowed airmattress-but I find those to be more uncomfortable than the floor!

I have managed to pack about everything except papers and shoes.

Now that I have 4 new pairs of cute cute cute flats, I have to decide which ones (all?!!) I can take abroad, plus any other shoes (sandals, heels to see the OPERAS in, you know...).

I WANT to take: 4 pairs of flats in different colors, 2 pairs of heels (1 blk, 1 brwn), a cute pair of brown dressy shoes, and 2 pairs of sandals. But really--that would require a small suitcase on its own.

My ONE suitcase that I'm allotting myself to check is almost filled with clothes, and I still have to figure out what else to put in it (like shoes), the necessary makeup/toiletries that I refuse to buy in foreign lands, SCORES to learn, and then all of the wires that go with my stuff...
oh, wait, I think I wrote about ALMOST the exact same thing 2 posts down..gee, can you tell what's on my mind?

-Still haven't heard from person I emailed 3 days ago. Umm, really? Ok, you get till the middle of next week, then you are on my uncool list.
-Still haven't heard from big-competition-that-other-people-already-heard-no's-from.
-Still haven't heard from mother-land-opera audition, but they DID tell me they are setting something up for me in an email..so I guess I have heard.

In translating my materials and cover letter news, there is none. I have made extremely little progress, and I'm still getting mixed information about what and how to send things.
Snail Mail and then follow up with email?
One page resume?
Resume/BioANDpicture on the same page?
Do or don't send attachments by email?

I mean, seriously--I just want to send emails. It's the easiest and cheapest and hopefully it'll be professional and correct enough to get some responses about singing for houses and agents while I'm there.

In other crazy-schedule news it's not like I'm hoping NOT to get to the finals or semi-finals of two major European competitions, but they DO take place during the first and second week of my supposed studies in Germany. What to do?
Well, hope that I place, of course! And if I have to miss a week of class, I'll just have to hope that they don't want to kick me out and it's ok.

In OTHER most upcoming crazy-schedule news, I got my times for 2 nyc competitions in May, and thankfully, one is on Thursday, the other Friday, and the finals for both (If I make it) are also a day apart.

That means once I leave and drive across country I'll have 3 days to get there, get unpacked, turn around and get to NYC with dresses and heels and ready to "compete" and then the whirlwind really begins!

For now, trying to clear what's left of my mattress off so that it can be picked up tomorrow morning.

Bye bye things!

03 May, 2007

noon in bed

We've been getting home close to midnight for the past 3 days, with two runs of the show--meaning I'm at the theater for about 12 hours each day. Of course when I get home even though I'm exhausted, I'm also hungry. So I guess eating the 2nd half of that cheeseburger from my 5pm dinner didn't really help me with nodding off to sleep so easily. I've been up untnil 3am or 4am the past two nights, and thankfully only having to get out of bed around 11 or 12.
But STILL I'm waking up at ungodly hours like 8am and 9am, looking over at the clock, and then rolling over in dismay that something (like the SUN) woke me up.

The show is going well, but these sets and costumes are really old and you can definitely tell. This is not opulent, extravagant, or even dare I say--pretty... It's just a little drab. And we have to make up for it by being extra good and exciting on stage I think.

Next topic. Future things.

I did something a little "ballsy" again in terms of singer practices of making contacts.
Ok, so previous-coach-at-curret-program who has offered to forward my materials to certain-person-at-red-state-opera-co, has done so. And I know this person at the opera company probably gets materials like this all the time. It's solicited, but still a bit random. So what are the odds they'll get around to looking at my mats? Well, who knows. But I still took the Initiative (ballsy initiative) and wrote this person an email encompassing all of the possible questions that I have regarding their company and their season, in a VERY well put together way.

I asked if I could audition live.
I asked if they hire out covers for their season (since they're doing a HECK of a season for coloratura ish type voice hext year)
I asked if they hire covers FROM the young artist program (and also said I'm very interested in that and I've never sung for it,but hope to have the opportunity to do so in the future)
and I asked if I could have feedback about my recording.

All very proper, not too forward, and not too apologetic.

Hey. Who ELSE is going to do this for me if I dont?
If this person chooses to write me back with some comments- great.
If this person chooses to write me back and say no, I can't give you any responses, and I also haven't listened to your materials--at least I asked.
If this person DOESN"T write back at all- I'll hope that I had the right email for them, but also be kind of annoyed because, people, we ALL check our email. EVERY day. Don't play. and Don't Hate. Just write back.

We know that you know that we know you check your email.

01 May, 2007

at the theater

Yeeaaaahhh! The internet connection works at the theater. So I've been here since 2:30.
I sang my aria at 3:45. I sang the finale at 4:15. Then I did nothing (ate dinner, got a chocolate covered rice crispy treat) and now it's 7:30. The show started at 7. I'm sitting here and waiting for my hair/makeup call which is in 15 minutes, even though I don't even come close to entering the stage until...oh...9:15 or so. And that's not including the break I'm sure we'll take around 9.

In the meantime I've been listening to 2 recent recordings nonstop trying to figure out which is better, and if either one is worthy of being sent somewhere.

Recording A is in too live of a room. Live enough that it may be a distraction. But the aria is better sung (I think) with a longer line and a bit more thought.
Recording B is in a totally dead room. And the piano is still a bit loud, but not overpresent. It's accurate, on pitch, but I was doing a few artistic diminuendoes and hairpins that MAY translate into someone hearing it and thinking that I ran out of breath at the end of the line or I"m being too precious with it.

Pitch wise they are both "kinda" fine. I mean---nothing glaringly wrong, just things that could have been tweaked were this a professional recording (you know it's done, so whatevs), and things that go by quickly that had I been singing this aria for the past 5 years like most of my other pieces, wouldn't be issues. But I basically re-learned it just to record it for one purpose.

I'm not sure frankly if either one is usable. The more I listen the more I pick out things that could be better (the 100th time I sing it)...rather than the 6th time.

On the German front I'm attempting to translate (pathetically, a bit) my resume into German for the summer.
I don't feel like I have to list the titles in German- ie, Nozze is still Nozze not Die Hochzeit..since they'll know it by the Italian title hopefully. But things like "Director, Production, Coach", etc-- and my kind of bio-- should really attempt to be in German before I send any emails and people presume I'm too lazy or something else to have my materials in German.

That's it for now. Too many things going on to concentrate--itunes in my ears, the system broadcasting Act I, and people wandering around.