14 February, 2006

I think I can I think I can--and Vday

I got the official- I think you can do this for the Strauss. That means I'll be spending some quality time with the songs, words, notes, piano, Casio, German dictionary, and notebook paper or notecards when I get to the memorization phase.

It's Valentine's day. What does that mean for most Americans? They are out at Target or CVS buying last minute chocolates, stuffed bears and cards. What does that mean for me? Nothing in particular. I've never "bought into" V-day, as it is a sponsored by Hallmark Holiday. It would be "sweet" to get some chocolates- but that is sweet anyday. So I don't expect it today more than any other day. It would be cute to get or give cards- but not any more cute than any handwritten note or sweet email that I receive or send on any regular day. So instead of spending the 4.99 on chocolates and a card, I can instead come up with a witty way to un-celebrate Vday. Which I did last year in the form of an empty box of chocolates and a note inside saying- mmm, that was good. And this year I did in the form of reminiscing about old emails, actually the very first emails in this relationship, what they said, what they meant, and how we're here three years later.

I have to confess that I watched some 2 hour special of the Bachelor in Paris last night. It was an hour of previous "overnight" dates and their interviews, and then an hour of the current guy's overnight dates. I think it's so ridiculous that he is seriously "dating" three girls at once. I mean, who in their right mind would not be curious as to what happened with the other girls, and who in their right mind would NOT take the key and 'share' the master suite of whatever posh hotel they are in---because they are on national tv and no one is going to stick up for whatever morals they may hold privately. They give the image of being ready for "more"--and our culture has interpreted that as sex. Are we really that low/shalow/insecure (add other diminutive adjectice here) that we need to prove to America in a sly smirky way that we're cool enough and "open" enough to start kissing on a couch and then let the viewer's imagination wander as we close the door and put up a "do not disturb sign"?
Do people really DO this?
I know, the answer is yes for many 20somethings and even 30, 40 whateversomethings. We don't have to live up to our culture of being prude, but we also don't need to be flinging sex around on the first "real" date that is a whole (gasp-wait for it) DAY long!

While I'm ragging on TV, which I only half-watch while doing my online investigating in the evenings, and reading the NYtimes, WifeSwap. This is a horrible, horrible, not even entertaining show. They take people who they know will not get along and make them live other lives. Animal rights activist? Stick her with a SC hunting family.
Hippie cool dude? Stick him with a new wife all into Christian ideals, yes m'aams, and spring cleaning.
It's painful to watch, and I feel like it makes a mockery of the "American" family. Or any other family for that matter. Why find people so far away from what the "norm" is just for entertainment?
That's why- for entertainment. But it's painful at this point, and the standards it sets for how people could potentially behave in their own marriage because they watch this show is pathetic.

No more complaining.
Back to Strauss.

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