13 February, 2006

4Jan. one two three....sasheee

04 January 2006 @ 01:04 pm
I had my first intro. to ballet class today. It was great. I learned that I have SO little flexibility (well, in the right places for ballet). Example: I can sit in that backwards W position that parents always tell their kids not to sit in, but I have no turn out.

I am inspired. I really want to do well, and I really want to increase my flexibility. So now, IF I waste the hours between 4-7, I'll at least do it in a straddle position so I can have a better turn out in these lessons later on!

Maybe I'll even practice the first nine counts of the little steps that we learned today for our combination.

I have danced before, but pretty much faked it, which is fine with most opera companies unless you're in the ballet movement of some opera. I AM good at musical theater dancing, and just shaking booty, but not so much at structured point turn one two three ballet kind of stuff.

That's ok. I'm not bad- I have just never done it before. So I'm looking at it as a new and exciting experience that hopefully I'll have fun with and do well.

Yuck, I sound like such a little goody two shoes describing my first adult dance experience. Eww! no, not THAT kind of adult dancing. Get your mind out of the gutter.

---------g (two three)

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