14 February, 2008


Not that this day has really meant anything so special in the past (well, maybe in 4th grade when I had my first crush on an American kid in an American school), but this year vday is a bit different than it has been in the past...4 years....for me.

Meaning, there is no one special to mock the holiday with me. I didn't get to buy a box of chocolates, eat the chocolates myself, and then GIVE said box of chocolates to said someone with a note inside that says something witty about the fact that this is a corporate sponsored holiday to make us feel bad about ourselves after a month of New Year's Resolution dieting, etc, etc,etc.

This is not a recent development in my life, just one of the days that I'm reminded that what I had thought was a comfortable and good thing for a very long time, did not work. And that yes, my life as a traveling singer (or traveling anything) had something to do with the added strain of keeping up a long distance relationship for over 4 years.

I don't tend to get too personal here, so I'll just end it at that.
No sympathy needed, just a bit of honest reflection.

Back to my orange juice.

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