02 February, 2008

Here, part I

I drove for 2 hours in the hail and ice to get to the airport--and hoped all the way that my "possible flight delay" status would not turn into a cancellation.

Luckily, it did not.
Flight number one left on time (I fell asleep with a Halls in my mouth and woke up 2 hrs later with most of it still intact).
Flight number two---OH, flight number two.

Boarding was a disaster (can't we all learn from Southwest please? NO one is going to listen when you say do NOT get up until your row is called).
Then we sat on the plane for an hour.
The first explanation was that the generator was offline and they needed to pull back into the gate to make it work..or something.
More sitting.
Ok, safety first, I agree.
More sitting.
Then we hear that the generator is fixed but there is no ground crew to be found to help the plane leave the gate.
Umm, HOW many times have you done this? You just BACK UP and Pull a U-ey! :)

Just kidding.
So the ground crew shows up and we're off, trying to make up some time, but still arriving 45 minutes late.

I'm here, the hotel is great, I got a lovely little welcome package of goodies, and I can't wait for the start of the weekend.

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