03 February, 2008

outed :)

Today was the first time EVER that someone came up to me and asked if I was "Coloratur...aaah". First I was thinking, yes, I'm a coloratura (that was in my head) and thennnnnn I realized what this person was referring to :)
So, yes, it's me!
But how strange, because according to my calculations of the people that know of this blog's existence, MAYBE 43 people read this per day. Ok, maybe 44. Seriously, I have the google stats on it.

No one in my family knows this blog exists.

I think I've told one singer friend --and that's just because when we spent time together I'd be tappity-tap-tapping away online and she figured it out.

Of my "real life friends" (ie, college, non singers), maybe 2? (Both blog and showed me theirs first!)

And so it's only through blogging that the world has become smaller:
I was re-acquainted with ACB--we went to school at the kind-of-same-time (well, at least the little freshman knew who she was from afar!!),
I was introduced to the blog of lil'missbossy (whom I met today at the first intermission!)
And I have gotten to read the thoughts and musings of singers, critics, directors, and dilettante's alike.

It's pretty exciting when you can read the words of wisdom and preparation from a consummate artist like Grecchinois and then get to see him in a wonderful and hilarious performance this evening--and know what he's gone through to get there and feel a certain way about his delivery, his health, his thoughts on the role, and take a peek into the life behind the person I saw on-stage tonight.

And so, if that is what this little journal experience provides for anyone (I'm talking to you, 43 and 44)--whether they know me or not, I'm happy to provide an all-access pass to the inner workings, or, backstage if you will.

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Susan said...

Heh heh no one in my family knows about my blog either. I think about 20 people read mine.