15 February, 2008

into the a-biss, piano music

Just added a new blog to my list of "websites i frequent while...not doing other things that I should probably be doing":

I've only seen and heard him play in one concert, April 2, 2006- Town Hall (Beethoven, Schoenberg, and Schumann,---enlightening), but ever since, Jonathan Biss, pianist-traveler-blogger has been someone I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for a return to any 'neck of the woods' that I happen to be in.

At that April concert, the tickets were sold out, and I remember waiting outside as the old ladies in fancy suits shuffled by (overly made up for an afternoon concert), and hoping that some kind soul would return a ticket to the box office, or have it for sale outside.

As it turned out, I did get in, but my seat was on House Right--NOT the place to be for a piano concert (I like to see the hand-y-work!), and so after the first piece I was able to move to an empty seat that I saw on House Left, with a perfect view (sorry, it was of your butt, too, but the hands were what I was looking at--I promise!)...(oh, and that guy who coughed profusely? He was right behind me--and I gave him that Halls cough drop--you're welcome).

And so, since he's just one year older than me, kicking ass at an international performance career, and has the best personal bio ..ever...(could only be surpassed by the "skills" sections of SOME opera singers that I've seen, which include: "touches tongue to nose"), and he UPDATES his blog more than half of the other links on my sidebar do, he gets added. So read and enjoy.

ps, it's official, I have something viral and I'm contagious.
SO glad I don't have to sing anything until Tuesday.

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