05 February, 2008

super tuesday and super scores

I didn't get enough sleep at all last night--due to, as usual, my body convincing itself that if it DID fall asleep that it would not hear my ridiculously obnoxiously loud alarm from my cellphone at 3:40am to wake me up before the taxi to the airport came to pick me up at 4am.
I tried, really I did. 12- in bed. 1- turn tv off. 1:20- put laptop away--and then I tossed and turned and woke up about every 20 minutes until finally getting out of bed and dealing with the face that I'd have to sleep on the airplane in the morning to catch up.

I arrived to a lovely present- 2 out of 4 scores that I need for upcoming gigs were delivered over the weekend.

I spent some quality time with a light blue Highlighter (MAN, that Barbiere score is huge), and now I'm watching and waiting to see what the democratic outcome of CA will be.

I'm literally just cracking this score open for the first time ever. I've only looked at the aria before, and more recently at the Lesson Scene and Figaro duet.
Umm, the finale of the Act goes on for over 70? 90? pages.

I'll probably do my crazy scene/page breakdown in my head tomorrow.
Pages, and how many I need to learn each day, memorize each day, what to start with, how to learn the Finale of the opera first or second, so that by the time I get that far through the score, there is something recognizable by the end.

I'm excited to put this together, and also have other things to take up my time when I need a study break, such as ItalianRole2 that I will be singing less than a month after this one.

All good things ahead.
Up next in the very near future:
Audition, competition, coaching, recording for competition, and more coaching.

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