03 February, 2008

gameday highlights

Yes, I'm using sports lingo in honor of the SUPER BOWL.

Audition part 1 of 2:

"It's a great day for some opera singing today folks. We're glad you could join us.
The weather is nice and humid (not too fun for my hair) and all of the singers look great and ready to go. They're well rested and warmed up, so let's take you live inside REHEARSAL ROOM ONE (or 2 maybe, I don't remember)"

"Hi Pat, we're right outside door number one and we've been told that the acoustic inside is really great. Now, none of the singers have ever sung in this space before, so it'll be new for everyone, but they're confident and look fabulous in their suits and cute dresses--back to you".

"Our camera's weren't allowed inside, but we do have some insider information from one of the singers--here with the scoop is coloratur...aaah".

"Thanks Pat. Well, things started off well. I woke up just before my alarm went off (as usual), jumped in the shower for some morning steam and lip trills, and to steam my dress one more time. I had plenty of time, downed some Emergen-C (my equivalent of OJ for breakfast) and even managed to eat some food- a granola bar, before heading downstairs to meet my fellow singers and ride the shuttle over to the Opera Center.

Once there, I had plenty of time (I'm always early, very very early), so I chatted with a few singers who had already sung and were feeling good (and going to lunch-without me), and then it was my turn to find the coaching rooms at the very end of some very long hallways.

I did a few vocalises, got all the vowels ready, and then sang my usual warm-up song, DurchZ, on vowels. I was feeling pretty good, so I began to go through some repertoire. Zerbinetta (was considering beginning with this either today or tomorrow, and wanted to offer the whole thing--with the possibility of being asked to begin at a certain section), then a page or two of Glitter, some DurchZ on the words, Chacun to make sure I had the g (duh, I always do after warming up with DurchZ), and the first few measures of Oscar.

I took a breather, with 40 minutes left before the audition, and relaxed until then.
My ipod was on shuffle (as usual), and I got some Michael Jackson (The way you make(uh) me feel), and some other cheerful and pumped up music (Jtimberlake, The Killers, Ravel's vocalise, and then it was time.

Here's the play by play:
Walked into the room all smiles.
Offered: Chacun. Am loving where this aria takes me. I can see my buddies from the 21st regiment all around me and Tonio flirting back w/me in the distance.

Asked for: Zerbie from Noch Glaub.
Now, this is harder than beginning at the beginning. I know it, everyone knows it. When you start at the beginning of this piece you have this amazing momentum that takes you through it. It's a complete story, well, even more complete if I had the guys around me to do the whole commedia scene, but, ok, so even just the aria.
Ariadne has not yet checked out, so I have to do some convincing in the Noch glaub.
But who do I really have to convince of these true/false loves? Well, that's me, of course, silly.

I was feeling it. The piano was right there with me for the little nuances (that are written in my score, but this time he used his own Zerbinetta--I've seen 3 people do this before and I'm sure it's because of the fingering for some tricky sections..but still--it can ALSO be a bit dangerous when you've marked or circled things like Espr. or Rall. or have a big arrow to MOVE some phrase---luckily, all went smoothly.)

The breakdown:
I'd give chacun something like smidgens away from a perfect 10. And I'm not one to do that very often.
I'd give the Zerbie a 9.45.
Points off for me finding myself thinking about one or two phrases, instead of acting them.
Points off for not going as far as I usually do with the 'orgasm Ah's' dramatically or vocally.
But all in all, a solid performance on my part.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Pat."


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nick said...

Congrats on what sounds like a great round 1! And many, many thanks for your kind comment! Would you mind if I link to your blog?