09 February, 2008

the big bad city

Once again I find myself in the NYC doldrums.

I'm excited when I arrive, I schedule coachings, see friends, go out, wander around in the frenzied city, and then all of a sudden it hits me (on a Saturday night)--I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I don't want to see anyone, or even step one little toe outside of the door. I want to sit in the apt. all night, by myself, with my recit and the tv on in the background (Law and Order, obvie), and just burrow in blankets and be vewwy vewwy qwwwuiet.

I've always thought about investment property in NYC, and how I "have" to be here for at least 3 months of the year (audition season), so why not look for something and see if I could finance it (along with generous, generous, family assistance), and then sublet when I'm not around--but when I feel like I do tonight, in NY, those ideas suddenly don't seem that appealing.

I suppose I've chosen the life of a vagabond. Living out of suitcases. Changing apartments every month and a half, living in hotels, home stays, and then in my time off, I have a choice. Sublet in the city, rely on friends and crash in the city, or live in one of the 2,3,or 4 other cities I've spent substantial time/school/life in and get a sublet there.

It all seems so fleeting when you have just 4 weeks to spend in one location.

Ok, enough babble for one evening.
Bottom line is, there's a lot to do here. But sometimes it's nice to just spend some time looking at the bright lights of the city from indoors.

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