23 February, 2008

culture weekend

Ok, I'm going to admit that I completely wasted the snow day away by staying inside and watching movies all day--even though I was hungry and there was no food. I did not go outside.
And then it was dinnertime, and I was hungry, and I had to step outside.

But TODAY and tomorrow and I'm having a culture weekend.
First, I had a wonderful brunch at Rare Bar and Grill (Lex b/w 37 and 38)--the French toast with bananas is amazing.
Next I visited the Morgan Library and Museum, mostly to see the photography exhibit of Irving Penn.
A glimpse into the artist's view of the artist--all of the shots were of famous writers, artists, performers--and so in addition to the construction of the shots, the faces of these geniuses were so interesting to glimpse--a moment of their limelight captured on film.

Tomorrow I'm going to attend the MONCA National Finals at the MET, where 9 young lucky and talented singers will get to compete for national recognition, possibly a place in the Lindemann program, and I'm sure national and international attention by agents, opera companies, and the likes.

THEN I'm going to a master class, AND to see Il Barbiere the next night.

So, I suppose what I'm saying is, that I don't feel so badly about doing absolutely nothing yesterday.

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Susan said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a pajama day, especially when the weather stinks. We all need a mental health break every now and then. No need to overload on culture to make up for it. At least that's what I tell myself... now where are my pajamas...