18 February, 2008

finally kind of sort of better

No medication in the past 24 hours, and I was able to sleep without theraflu.
I even took a 40 minute brisk walk today (until it started raining on my head), while listening to Act I of upcomingrole1 that I need to learn (note: I don't even come in until minute 34 or so).

What can I say about this role? It was offered to me at the semi-last minute, and even though I have TIME to learn it, I'm feeling like I am not getting as much done as possible with it.

Aria1- memorized
Recits 1-3ish- memorized, but not well enough or fast enough for what I want to do with them on stage eventually.
Duet1- memorized WITH alt. cadenzas that I want to do
Recit4/5- maybe 60%
FINALE1- NOT EVEN CLOSE. It's so fast, it's so wordy, it's so filled with random interjections at times...in short, it's driving me crazy. And it's 100 pages long.

I can't even look at memorizing anything after it, because I'm so FLUSTERED by it!

I know that I need to break it down into itty bitty pieces, and just write out the one or two lines that fly right by, and NOT think about the next 96 pages or so, while I'm trying to fix one section.

Truthfully, I do know more than I think. I just don't know it all 100 pages in a row.

Back to new memorization games.
I have many, many of them.
And apparently the one that I've been playing so far is NOT working for this finale.

I may have to resort to pacing/skipping around the room with different pieces of colored paper in my hand...lifting the right hand for when I KNOW things, and reading off of the left when I don't.

Strange, I know. But it works.
Back to being 'fredda e immobile'

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