12 February, 2008

serves me right

Late bedtimes plus nyc 'urban' air/water/filth plus not eating enough veggies plus whatever forces of nature decided to mess with me equals:

Woke up feeling like crap, ears and nose completely blocked, and even a sore throat!

WHY didn't I buy more packets of Emergen-C when I ran out last week?! WHY didn't I eat double the Flinstone's vitamins?

I think it's this weird virus that's been going around with everyone that I know. But I don't really get sick! I mean, I do ONCE in a blue moon--but I usually see it coming and then eat tons of pineapple and drink emergen-C like it's koolaide, and stay in bed, and rest, and...bla bla bla..I know how to take care of myself.

So this twice in a blue moon thing is NOT cool.


Luindriel said...

Have you tried a neti pot? It's kinda gross and takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, you'll love it. It cleans the gook out of your sinuses and nose without the drying effects of sudafed. LOL I sound like a commercial. I got mine at Rite-Aid, it's called "Sinu-Cleanse." It's like a little teapot with a long spout that you stick in your nose. You pour the water in and it comes out the other nostril. Like I said, kinda gross... It comes with these little packets, or you just use non-iodized salt to mix up your own saline solution. I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

me said...

Thanks, yes, I've gone the neti-route before. I should do it, I know. Right now I'm in the feeling-sorry-for-myself phase, and not really doing anything but drinking OJ and having soup and hoping it goes away. Tomorrow I will take action because I'll be in the angry-go-away-now-because-i-have-to-sing phase! :)