04 February, 2008

ah, 'twas not to be

Audition part 2/2 went very well today again--Sang durchZ, asked for Oscar.
I could have done better on the 2nd run of DurchZ.
The Oscar felt connected and cute- but for me, that piece shows nothing except that I have a low and middle voice. I suppose I offer it because it's Italian, short, a role that I've sung and gotten great reviews for, and I know I could jump in anyday anytime and do it. Maybe not the best for a judging/competition panel though. Although- I can't just be known for singing high notes---so maybe it IS a good choice?

Oh, if only audition panels didn't hate Glitter and be gay so much. I really really love that piece and would have loved to sing it, but alas--twas not to be--and so my time here comes to an end. (not that singing glitter would have gotten me to the next level--just that I wish I'd sung it, comma, my time here has come to an end).

So- onward to the next task of learning ItalianRole1, ItalianRole2, and preparing for the next 2 or 3 competitions in NYC.

What have I gotten out of this experience?
Well, first 15 more singer friends to facebook!
Of course, the opportunity to sing for this level of opera house is an honor--and to feel like you represented yourself well is important.
I got to see two great operas, visit a new city, see old friends and new, and introduce myself and what I do to a knowledgeable panel who had never heard me before, and will hopefully remember me in the future.

So all in all, a great weekend of new faces, 4 arias, 2 operas, and one very content singer.

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