13 February, 2008

still out of commission

While everyone else got to play in the snow or have a snow day, I was tucked into bed, drinking freshly squeezed oj, eating homemade chicken soup (and Matzah ball soup out of the jar before I got out of bed to buy the ingredients to make th homemade soup), and doing just about nothing.

Oh wait, I DID mark the cuts in my score.
Have I mentioned that when you get thrown into something like this at the last minute, how WONDERFUL it is to take all of the VIDE's that reduce your recit by a zillion, and neatly trim repetitive ensembles?

Of course I will eventually learn everything, in case the MET calls (hahahahah), but for now I'm just working on what I need know.

There was something else that I wanted to write about, but in my hot tea and warm soup full-tummy stupor I can't quite think of it right now.

It may be 9:32pm, but that's a good enough bed time for me.

Oh yea, I made a logo up all by myself for my new website/business. I felt pretty snazzy about conquering photoshop and html in one sitting.

good night.

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