01 February, 2008

1am post

Of COURSE it's past midnight and I can't sleep.
Well this is no surprise---the crazy and completely unnecessary anxiety linked to whether or not I'll wake up with my TWO alarms set for tomorrow to drive to the airport, the 'did I pack everything that I need to', and the general excitement for the next few days.

I love this job and just about everything about it EXCEPT the travel.
Trains, automobiles- check.
Airplanes- not so much.

I have obviously gotten more nervous about it the older I get, but really--I mean, I'm flying inside of a tube of metal welded together lord-knows-how-many-years-ago--over the entire country? The ocean?

Takeoff and landing are the worst, and every time there is turbulence I have a mini-freak-session until it evens out.

I used to LOVE to fly !!!
Especially the 12 hours to visit family across the world.

Now? No.

PS- I think I may hold the record for keeping a Halls, or Ricola, or Altoid in my mouth the longest---the trick? FALL ASLEEP with it in your mouth!
You'll wake up 5 hours later and it'll stilll be there--and will have molded to the shape of the roof of your mouth.

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