10 February, 2008

ok, we're friends again.

Except for the very very chilly weather tonight that followed the 5 minutes of snow flurries, nyc and I are bff's again.

"and it's funny how it switches like that"- (one of the greatest comedies ever, if you don't know the quote original, google it!)

Maybe it was something about the day of quiet,
being productive (well, a LITTLE),
having dinner with great friends and reminiscing about high school, college, a cappella groups, ex's, and chocolate--with all of the photo proof from the past 4 years to laugh and be amazed by,
and then walking my freezing ass home, since the subway (as always) was under construction in the evening, running express, and took me 20 blocks north of where I actually needed to be.

Up next for this week-
more legato work with a new coach,
a concert and dinner with more friends
some un-valentines day festivities
and we'll see what the weekend brings.

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