07 February, 2008


Well, it's official--my new website is up and running and so begins the official..beginning (I'm tempted to write begin the beguine...but that's so old-skool-music-reference) of a hobby/talent of mine turned into what will hopefully be some sort of business.

A majority of it will happen via phone and internet, some will happen in person when I'm available and in the right city.

I haven't added "meta" tags to it yet, so it's not yet google-able, but the site does accept direct traffic, and it also has an official "info@..." email address.

I suppose that now I have to look into incorporating, or somehow naming myself a taxable business...we'll get to that after my first official 'gig' FROM the website comes in.
Until then, it's word of mouth and previous contacts that I'm relying on to get the word out.

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