27 February, 2008


New York makes me busy. No time to blog!
No, not really.
I actually didn't have my trusty mac with me, hence the non-bloggage. Now we are re-united and it feeeeels so gooood.

Music Update- coachings have been going smashingly. I love it.

Music Theater update- went to see Legally Blonde. Thought it would be NOT good, but actually it was MORE than amusing, and the songs are still stuck in my head. Guess that's a good thing.
Diatribe to come about the current state of belting on broadway, but I think there's just been a shift from what I remember falling in love with in high school, and what has come out since for the soprano belter voice.

More later, as I'm down to 12% battery and I haven't yet unpacked the charger.

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