17 February, 2008

3.5 down, 312.5 or so..to go

Recit, today you are the bane of my existence.

Sometimes you are just so easy...you roll right off of the tip of my tongue. I look at you ONCE, ONCE!, know the context of the scene that I'm in, and it just makes sense.
Of COURSE I'd say: si,si,lavinceropotessialmenomandargliquestalettermacomedinessunquimifidailtutorhacent'occhibastabastasigilliamolaintanto.
It ROLLS! I read it once, I got it.

And then there are those that just don't come at all. Neither the pitch NOR the words.
I can play it 5 times. I can read it 5 times. I repeat it slowly, I repeat it quickly. speed up, slow down, cheat by looking at the score when I don't remember what comes next, and then (the WORST) break into recit from ANOTHER section.

That's the thing I have to be most careful of...and so I paced myself today by learning (and trying to memorize) 2 recit-y sections that followed one another, and then took a recit break and looked at the ActI/II (depending on Ricordi or Schirmer) finale.

I'm very far away from freak-out mode since I DO have time to do this, but I wish the process would go a bit faster. All of the finales, finalettos, ensemble pieces, are SO wordy and so long--even if they repeat the same two phrases over and over again, it's like tongue twisters on any note from A below middle C, to two octaves above that--and fast.
And have I mentioned fast?


ACB said...

Girl, you are freaking me out!!! I've got only three weeks to be ready for Day One of rehearsals... I may have to stop reading your blog until I'm learned and memorized or you're going to give me a panic attack! :)

Susan said...

Hmmm... maybe I'll forget the voice lessons and stick to being a super. Don't have to remember any lines that way...