31 May, 2007

300th post and a new diagnosis

Could I possibly have allergies?????

Ok, I thought when my throat was itching and burning, I was blowing my nose every two seconds, and had all KINDS of colors of phlegm plus a low-grade fever that it was Strep or a virus. Well that test was negative 2 wks ago but I changed my climate, stayed inside for a few days with soup and rest, and then things were seemingly better.
Now I'm once again in new environs, I'm stuffy yet blowing the nose all the time again, throat itches and burns, redness, but no swelling of nodes or tonsils or anything that would raise alarm at all...

And I feel sneezy.

Allergies? Really? Will taking some drying pill really make this all go away?
Please say yes, because the beach wasn't fun when it hurt to swallow while watching the surf this morning.

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