20 May, 2007

ah, 'twas not to be...harsh necessity

brought me to this gilded...bed...

Yes, I got the weird NYC allergy/throat thing from the horrid weather. Over the past two days I've had fevers, chills, sore throat, coughing, one second I'm freezing then I'm overheating.

So I had to forego the third leg of my competition trip--to the midwest via the west of midwest, however--- I am feeling MUCH better today (and even feeling a little badly because I bet I COULD have sung just fine tomorrow..but today's plane ride would have been hell if I had gone), but no. I needed to cancel. It was the better choice. Better than waking up at 4am this morning, still kind of sick, getting on two planes, and competing tomorrow.
I will STILL be singing in OTHER-midwest-city competition on Thursday (flying there Wednesday), and in the meantime, be eating chicken soup and tea for two days to get 100% awesome...

Weirdly enough throughout the 2 days my voice never felt crappy. I felt like I could sing through it all (which I always can), but it's just not worth the risk. The what if..
The...oh my lord are my vocal cords bleeding into my mouth right now...
and the...oh if I only had insurance to get scoped right now what I wouldn't give for a visit to the otolaryngologist.

In FUN healthcare news, I did go to the ER in brooklyn yesterday JUST to make sure that I didn't have strep (and according to the speedy 3 min. test, I don't). They saw me in less than 45 minutes, I cleared it with my crappy Blue Cross insurance, so it was allowed "out of state", and I'm hoping not to get a gigantic bill in a while.

I am SO not the type to go the ER, but that's how bad it was yesterday. Fever, aches, weirdness, etc.
500mg of Amoxicillin and tylenol later and I'm feeling better and not feverish. Throat is still a bit sore, but much of the actual pain is gone.

Ok, in revision-of-this-blog reading, do some words sometimes really look wrong to you?
Right now I'm looking at the word don't, which in the first typing I forgot the ' in, and it just looked so RIGHT without it.
I mean...dont.
dont- it doesn't even SOUND like it looks, or looks like it should sound. Do not. Dooo naught.

Ok, this tangent may actually mean I should continue to rest and not do any heavy lifting or operating of vehicles.

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